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Journal 4

It's about stopping for a moment and just watching do a simple thing.

Wash a dish, tie a shoe, smile at an old man.

It's about giving something and not expecting anything back...

Cause you don't want anything back....

You just want them to be happy.

It's about existing in the world with another person.

Seeing things, discovering things, teaching and being taught.

It's about looking in their eyes, and seeing their soul

Cause they want you to see it.

It's trading hearts with someone

And trusting them with yours as much as they trust you with theirs.

It's about learning how to handle the ups and downs of another person.

It's about going out to their car on a cold morning,

Just to crank it up so it would be warm when they got there.

It's about making soup when they're sick.

About giving them your jacket when it's cold

Cause they say they don't want it,

Even though they're shivering.

It's about compromise,

Even though they don't eat meat

And you do.

And then cooking them their favorite cheese pasta

Cause they went out in the cold and warmed up your car.

It's about being held and holding.

Support and bracing.

It's about waking up one morning and a paper being typed for you

Double spaced, spell checked.

Cause they didn't want you to get up that early.

And it never made a bit of difference who they are.

Cause that's what you loved em' for.

Just two people, existing together....