One Night By The Firelight
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MarcBluw: aww....danm....the dog just let one rip

WingCom99: I tried going there once to visit my former girlfriend who was in a summer class there for a few moments and they interrogated me at the front desk for five minutes trying to ascertain my purpose and identity.

WingCom99: One of those audible dog blats, eh?

MarcBluw: nah...a nasty little cloud napalm

MarcBluw: "no Bill! No man, don't light that match!!!!:

WingCom99: KABLAM!

MarcBluw: suddenly a giant fire ball appears from somewhere near germantown

WingCom99: sirens go off moments later as firetrucks and ambulances rush off to the scene

WingCom99: maybe police cars too

MarcBluw: and as they run by one they begin twitching, like ants who've had gas poured on them
WingCom99: As they get closer, they grasp their necks with both hands, dropping firehoses and medical equipment

MarcBluw: blood begins slowly oozing from all orifices

WingCom99: they begin collapsing into struggling, twitching heaps on the ground

MarcBluw: and for the rest of my, Bill's and the dogs life, we reek of some strange, unidentifiable, (though hinting slightly of toilet water) stench

WingCom99: A man in a deli somewhere is eating a sandwich while all this is taking place...

MarcBluw: a rather large man....takes a wiff and says something to the effect of "must be sewage backup" and continues eating

WingCom99: As he takes another bite the bleeding heaps of human bodies begin bursting into flames

MarcBluw: and by this time....the flames actually have caught the sewage system on fire...igniting the entire TN river

WingCom99: As it went up in flames, seventy-three boats joined the blaze in the first half minute of the spreading pandemonium

MarcBluw: the fish however continue as if nothing ever happened

WingCom99: Bob the plumber gapes in amazement from his riverside apartment, wondering just what he'll have to do to help fix things when this chaos dies down

MarcBluw: And that rather large man, still sits, eating his sandwish and wondering why the sky is suddenly orange and full of smoke

WingCom99: Then, as the large man takes the final bite of his sandwich, the whole world is enveloped in darkness, as by some strange chance of fate our universe was contained inside the cheese of his sandwich

MarcBluw: lol......The End

WingCom99: Indeed