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I am standing at the edge of my life and I-75,
Watching the cars go by.
Starring at it all like a bad $2.50 movie
Where I'm not keeping my hands to myself, and
No one cares.
Cause you see, my hands are bloody from all the
bricks I've taken down.
One by One,
Tossing them into the lake called, "When I was..."
"When I was.." taking down all those bricks,
I was deconstructing all the walls I'd built around me.
Deconstructing myself and all these false ideals that had built those walls.
And now, I'm standing here at the edge of my life and I-75,
Watching the cars go by.
And suddenly sick from all this nudity.
I am newborn,
Crying as the wind hits my skin
Like it's hitting me for the first time,
Like hitting some virgin on her wedding night,
Except that she's not a virgin
And neither am I.
So I'm reborn
And reunited with the wind
Cause we're old friends from a time
When my hands were less bloody,
And my shirt was less stained;
Back from a time before "When I was..."
But none of that matters now
Cause I'm waiting for God
Or some kind patron to pick me up
At the edge of my life and I-75
Watching the cars go by.