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So it's been almost a week. I'm quite proud of this one.

I've been piercing for who knows how long. Since I was like 14 (17 now). It was always the usual sewing needle piercings that I always took out cause they pissed me off...y'know, they weren't like 'real' piercings.

About a year ago though, I found a place to buy pro-piercing needles. Man, you talkin' about someone havin' a hissy fit over that one. Kinda expensive, but that's okay. When we heard about it, the next thing my best friend and I did was fly over there. Being that at the time I was broke, Andy (my best friend) bought himself a needle, and I gave him my one cherished piece of body-jewelry. Shortly there after, we stole a cup from the pretzl stand and got water and then 'borrowed' some alcohol pads from the local 'Claires' and that night, I became a piercer (sorta) in an extremely clean and sanitary place, the back of my car.

So over the past year, slowly and steadily, my collection of self-done piercings has accumulated. Eyebrow, labret, nipple, ear, wasn't gonna risk doing my tongue.

About a week ago though, I was cruisin' through bme and my fav. section-the unusual stuff and happened upon hand-piercing for the second time in a year or so.

I was floored man, ran up and looked in my box....finding to my dismay, I had one 14g labret stud and one 10g needle. For the next hour, I starred at my box and it's contents, unsure if I really wanted to put a 10g through my hand, remembering what my nipple had felt like with a 10g, but alas, my craving for endorphines and pain, and metal pokin' through my skin pushed me over the edge. So I grabbed a cork, my forceps, the jewelry, the needle and all my other stuff and set up. Laying everything out just like I always did...cup of alcohol w/needle, jewelry, forceps to my right, clean towel on my left. Cork in the middle on a wash cloth. Looked around for good placement, making sure my forceps hadn't caught any good tissue in there, just the skin. Took a deep breath as I studied my placement again, and then shoved the needle through the web of my hand. For a brief moment, shoving it through, I got the faint reminder of my hand getting caught on a fish hook.

So the needle through, I put the labret stud into the end and push it the rest of the way through, finally pulling the needle out and watching blood pour down my hand. With it bleeding onto the wash cloth, I screw the ball on and admire my new shiny thing.

So it's been a week now, and it's not bleeding anymore, just so you know. It seems to be healing well, even despite my anal 6-9 times a day washings.

Can't say it hurt all that much, I'd rate it somewhere around an eyebrow I guess. But it's not quite the same pain...more of a knife-lacking in saltwater sorta deal. I can't really say if I advocate self-piercing or not. I know it's dangerous, but so is driving a car, or smoking or using electric tools, all of which I to each his own...and happy piercings.