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The BachÒ Flower Remedies

What are they?

The BachÒ Flower Remedies are 38 homeopathically prepared plant and flower based remedies, each one specifically devised to treat a different feeling.

BachÒ flower remedies are chosen in line with psychological states. However, they can also be used to treat physical disorders which are often linked to emotions - as they are designed to treat the whole person and their internal imbalance, not just an illness.

The philosophy of the flower remedies.

In 1928, the British doctor Edward Bach, suggested that people could be categorised as personality types and that, although individuals may encounter a variety of illnesses, the people within each grouping would react in the same way. These similarities presented a useful frame of reference for diagnosis and treatment.

Bach also supposed that if distress could affect one's appearance it might also adversely affect internal bodily organs.

These theories and his study of Hahnemann (The father of Homeopathy) encouraged Bach to abandon his London-based Harley Street practice to search for remedies that would work on an emotional level to change a person's temperament and increase their inner peace and vitality. He set out to investigate the effects of simple, herbal medicines on human thoughts and feelings, and believed that the sources of these remedies would be found in nature.

The Discovery of the Flower Remedies

From 1930 until his death in 1936, Bach walked the countryside of England and Wales, observing nature and developing the Bach Flower remedies. During this time, he discovered that his sensitivity to plants increased so that he could hold a flower and feel the effects of the bloom's properties in his body.

Since then, the 38 BachÒ Flower remedies have been used successfully worldwide in conjunction with orthodox medicine to ameliorate a variety of psychological, psychosomatic and emotional disorders. The remedies act on subtle levels influencing the human energy system and thus restoring harmony and awareness to an individual. There are no side effects and it is not possible to overdose on the remedies.

Choosing the remedy for you.

There are a number of ways to determine the appropriate BachÒ Flower Remedy. Recognising exactly how you are feeling is very important. The flower essence is then matched to exactly how you are feeling in the moment.

Sometimes it can be difficult for our thinking self to admit how it is we are really feeling. In these instances, you can ask a close friend or relative to help you decide, or there are methods of asking the body's innate intelligence, such as muscle testing and others.

At least one of the BachÒ Flower Remedies will be right for you - whatever your mood, and whatever your problem.

Taking the remedies.

The remedies are easy to use. Simply place the prescribed number of drops in a small glass of water or you can place them directly onto your tongue from the dropper supplied.

How often you take the remedy really depends upon you. If your mood is fleeting or you're in momentary crisis, you may only need one dose. If you've been feeling the same way for some time however, it may take some time.

Generally, the dose is 4 times a day until the feelings have passed - or more often if you feel that you need to.

There is no set time to take the remedies, and they are completely safe, so you can't overdose on them.

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