Site hosted by Build your free website today! we go! These are the pictures of when I shaved my head!! Don't laugh too hard!!

Cancer WILL be beaten!!

This was me 'before'....

This was just before they got started and the MC was introducing us. He asked me if I had anything to say...I said I'd like to thank all those who sponsored me....and after this you can just refer to me as Mrs. Telly Savalas.

This is when they were just starting to shave my head. She had made two ponytails and cut them and gave them to me. I'll be donating the hair to a local salon that sends the hair to California where they make wigs for kids who have cancer.

This is just as they were about finished with the 'buz' cut..and before the razor!!b>

This is me getting my head shaved!

Bald IS beautiful!!!

This is the group of us who all joined in. We raised over $20,000 for Cancer Research!