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Poems From The Heart

Welcome to my poetry page. Here you will find poetry from Valerio and I. If you have a loved one in prison and feel all the pain that surrounds it, I also welcome you to submit your poems to me by emailing me and I will add your poem here as well. Please include your name or nickname with your poem if you would like that posted as well.

My Bleeding Heart

In the mist of all the hectic shouts I still can hear your voice,
Except just what has happened now,
I guess we have no choice,
Tell them that they have done what we didn't want them to,
That thing that they have done to us is come between me and you,
I hear your cries,
I know your pain,
I feel it all too well,
Just when this horrid nightmare will end,
I just can't seem to tell,
But keep your head up,
Don't you cry,
We will conquer all,
Because all this pain and misery has made us learn how to fall,
We will make it,
Yes its true,
I know this in my heart,
Because you were innocent of this crime from the very start,
I leave you now with my hopes and dreams which someday will come true,
And one day soon, the gates will open and I will be with you.

--Nicole 4/1/00

The Happiest Day

The happiest day is the day in the mist of privacy you are in my arms,
The day the steel doors will bang for there last time,
The day that all of this will just be a memory,
The day I am released,
And the moment I am with you once again.

--Valerio 11/11/99

The Struggle

Struggling upwards continue to climb,
No crime committed but doing the time,
I am hurting,
You are hurting,
And the children they feel it too,
Don't know how I can continue living if its living without you,
How to stop it,
How to fix it,
I wish I knew just how,
Have to live it and to breathe it,
I guess there's no choice now,
We've been punished for too long now and it still just isn't right,
All were asking is for freedom and to hold each other tight,
Didn't do it,
We're the victims,
In this corruption that's been lived,
Will never forget it,
Never heal,
And I know I won't forgive,
There's an ending to this nightmare,
Yes I know its there,
I pray to God that we will find it,
And that the endings near,
I'll hold my pillow and I'll cry yet another lonely night,
Keep thinking of you,
And the struggles,
Can't believe we lost the fight,
But we will make it,
We can take it,
I know that we are strong,
Because you and I,
We know the truth,
And the jury, they were wrong,
But now I leave you with my emotions,
Scarred and battered in my heart,
The end is nearing,
I can feel it,
And we will no longer be apart.

--Nicole 6/19/00

Iron Bars And Cinderblocks

I'll never do it again you say
Well, I've herad this song before
Yet you sit there and wonder
Why I'm looking at you like this for
Through a cold glass window
Talking on a plastic phone
Lord, I'd give anything
To bring you home

But Iron bars and cinderblocks
A prison do they make
Even thought your in there
Our love will never break

Well, I can't wait to kiss you
And hold you close and tight
Tell you that I'd never
Give you up without a fight
I'll think of you each morning
As I'm watching the sun rise
Waiting to say I love you
As I look into your eyes

But Iron bars and cinderblocks
A prison do they make
Even thought your in there
Our love will never break

--By Fawna H. Submitted 1/18/03

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