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Welcome to IdiotAuto!

If you want a POS sticker. I haven't made any yet that don't decay the instant water hits them. I'm currently experimenting with materials. Wait a while. But don't go ganking this logo.

Yet another crappy web site about crappy-looking cars. All pictures herein are taken by me unless otherwise notified.

If you really want to use one of my pics, for God's sakes man! Gimme an E-mail letting me know you're using it and gimme creds for it on your site and a link to mine. I am so humble.

Now accepting reader submissions! Go here for details.

01/02- Holy freakin' poopin' shits! I am once again in front of a computer. This site's gonna be reformatted soon. Blame Geocities. They've basically given me a ransom note. More on that later. Till then, fret not. Idiotboy's alive and will be responding to your emails soon.

The cars on this page have been categorized.

This *Unofficial* Rice Boy Page Webring site is owned by IdiotBoy.
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