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ICUS supports a cyber-society of people with Chronic Urticaria.

Disclaimer: The information found in this website is not medical advice. We provide an information service -only- and make no recommendations as to use, efficacy, or effectiveness of any information posted. Because every person's situation is different, this page is not in the position of giving advice regarding any article posted. ICUS and its contributors will not be held responsible for any negative results which come from reading or acting upon the information found herein. Read it at your own risk!

ICUS only advises:
   1) Be well informed on your condition. Knowledge is healthy.
   2) Before undertaking any type of health treatment, consult a licensed health care provider.

General Notes and Descriptions of most kinds of Urticaria Additional Notes and Treatment of Chronic Urticaria
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Resource links for CU and related disorders.
Ask the ICUS Itch Doctor Clinical Research Center - Washington University, St. Louis
    National List of Clinical Trials

Hives: The Road To Diagnosis and Treatment of Urticaria By Dr Wanderer MD.

Click and see where the ICUS members are. Alternative Treatments and Practices.
Myra's Eye Opening Reviews. SurveyDraft: ICUS - Chronic Urticaria Survey

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