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Welcome to the web site of Peter Such of Great Berkhamsted

This page is one of the original pages first created twenty years ago.
The whole site is currently undergoing a major overhaul and update,
so my apologies if links sometimes don't!
Re-written 21st April, 2012



Work in Hand

Creativity has been restricted to several books taken to various stages of incompletion because the day job got in the way. J K Rowling just ploughed on. Excuses are simply excuses, so... Here we go.

This web site was originally created for technical business and admin purposes. Then the 'Weekly Comment' was started which tied in with business promotion, wrapped round providing charity and other business web needs. The 'Weekly Comment' became an entity in it's own right and side-tracked me into local affairs, causing me to end up on the town council and further extend my political experience, both for its own value and also as research material for another potential novel.

Family problems, including my own extended sequence of illnesses, have further clouded already murky intentions and the world has moved on apace very nicely without me. As will be the case when I am dead. That is a positive, not a negative observation. It is beneficial to look at the microcosm through the perspectives of the macrocosm, to try and see the whole in perspective, without missing the significance of the small in the large. [Blake expresses this superbly well in Auguries of Innocence. 'To see a world in a grain of sand, And a heaven in a wild flower, Hold infinity in the palm of your hand, And eternity in an hour.']

Therein one might better evaluate the worth of the individual aspects that make up the collective whole. Three score years and ten on, now is the time to evaluate, sort wheat from chaff and tidy the den before moving on. In the sixties Tom Lehrer wrote "To think of all the marvelous ways / They’re using plastics nowadays". Nowadays he would probably have written 'To think of all the mavelous ways / They're digitising nowadays.' Presumably brain power (being waveform) is analogue but through simple, personal digits, creativity can be translated into digital formats and hey presto, a product emerges. It seems my web site was in the cloud before digitisation gave us cloud computing, which fits nicely with the creative cloud under which I have been complacently amusing myself for far too long, without sign of productivity.


Completed Work
(excluding journal articles and 'letters to the press')

Project Elvyn: an experiment in electronic journal delivery
Published 1995 by Bowker Saur for The British Library. Edited by Fytton Rowland, Cliff McKnight and Jack Meadows. I was a contributing researcher and chapter author. Available from Bowker Saur, details upon enquiry (A5, 192pp, hardback only).

Gone Fishing!
A first volume of poetry published in 1993. The jacket blurb opens with, '. . . a unique collection of poems which ranges from the light and incidental to the acutely observant and sympathetic. The author catches moments of everyday life and encapsulates them . . .' Available from The Hazel Tree Press, PO Box 421, Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire HP4 1SZ, priced 5.95 plus 1 post and packing (A5, 68pp, 47 poems, paperback only).

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