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Fifth Chiltern Park (Management) Limited
Registered No. 1331619. Registered Office:
Crabtree Property Management Ltd
Marlborough House, 298 Regent's Park Road, London, England, United Kingdom
Registered in England and Wales
Updated September 21, 2008


In order to try and sort out how best to handle the fact we leaseholders, as individuals, used our membership of the company to buy our freeholds, which the company now holds in trust for that purpose, Crabtree Property Management Ltd was brought in. Unfortunately, nothing has moved as was expected or required and we have no further reference to them than through the current only director Hilary Richards (Hilary Richards <>) (there should be a minimum of two of our members as directors) to whom enquiries should be directed.

Peter Such (, former secretary to Fifth Chiltern Park (Management) Ltd and the person who managed to raise the finance for our acquisition. He effectively ran the company single-handed for nearly twenty years. Ill-health determined his sudden resignation at a crucial point of our determination, leaving the Board (then consisting of Hilary Richards and Debbie Lamb) with the recommendation they raise the issues with Peter Such's solicitors, who had become everyone's solicitors: the company's, the members as members of the company, and the members as private individuals who had chosen to use the company as the vehicle by which they acquired the freehold of their individual leases and joint freeholders of the common areas lease.