Flash 55

Fifty-five Quickies with a Twist

by Gary Earl Ross

Now available as an e-book exclusively for the Barnes and Noble Nook and the Amazon Kindle, Flash 55 is a collection of quick, quirky tales ranging in length from one sentence to a few pages. Whether drawn from real life or fantasy, whether erotic or experimental or an award-winning public radio piece, every flash fiction in Flash 55 is a tale of the unexpected. Some of the flashes in this e-book are from The Wheel of Desire and Shimmerville. Others are collected for the first time anywhere. Contents include "Cinda's Lucky Day," "The Mistake," "Warming a Dish Served Cold," "Battle Babies," "A Simple Game with Death," "The Ballad of the Flintlock Pistol," and "The Pillow Thief, a Flash Novel."

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