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I'm Siddharth Sanyal. Thank you for visiting my Home Page. I am teaching myself how to design web pages, so I am not sure everything works the way it should! 

I'm 48 years old. I was born on the 20th of October 1952, in Delhi. Seems like ages ... almost half a century!!! Delhi is my home, but Calcutta is where I grew up... I studied there... and it's the city that has shaped my personality...

But I'm not unhappy to be here in Delhi either. There are some advantages to being a Delhi-walla if you can overlook the pollution, lack of electricity and water and the senseless aggression that Delhi-ites display...

I am fond of good food (it shows!) and good classical music -- both Indian and Western. I love to travel, especially to remote areas. I manage to do this every now and then as part of my work. 

I'm involved in rural development work, though I must admit, no longer at the grassroots level. I did spend six years in a remote tribal village in the Rajmahal Hills of Bihar. But now I am mostly in Delhi, and coordinate the work of a small NGO, DAKSHINAYAN, that works with tribal communities in Bihar. I also  put people in touch with the realities of rural India through a Development Education Programme that I run. You can find out more about my work if you visit the web site by clicking on DAKSHINAYAN.



Welcome to my Home Page
pull up a virtual chair
you are most welcome here
even if I'm not there

look around and feel at home
and if you care to look below
you'll know who I think I am
and I've tried not to be a bore

I've left poems for you to read
do tell me what you think
and if you wish to write to me
I've added this hyperlink


Sometimes, when I am in the mood, I write poetry... I wouldn't call myself a poet... just indulge in it occasionally. If you wish to read some of my poems, please click on this tree:

Poet Tree


"No progress can be imposed on anyone. Progress must emerge from within our cultural identity. It must relate to our beliefs and aspirations. Modernity itself is not the answer to everything. We must seek solutions that are currently integral, which fit in with our traditions and environmental needs. No one can impose anything on the people. Not even progress."

 Baba Amte
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