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Who am I? FairyMadeline. OK so that's not really my name but that's what I'm choosing to be called and as I'm the one who calls the shots on this page, you can deal with it I'm sure.

What am I? An angry teenager who decided to write down a few words pertaining to my thoughts on life.

Where am I? Somewhere you'll never think to look.

Why am I? Because I was meant to be.

How am I? Depressed beyond saving...and loving every minute of it.

Find a poem. Read it. Comment on it. Go find something else to do.

you're not FairyMadeline.
~they had*they did^they will*they will have^they could*we~

You are listening to: Adia, by Sarah McLachlan

The Sky
She Screams
Home, No Longer
Fly Away
Back Again
Where Are You?

The last time FairyMadeline found time to update was...March 21, 2002

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