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All of these stories are, IMNSHO, really, really good. And original. And addictive. Let that be a warning to you, start not upon such a tale if you value your sanity :) Most of them are long, or a series. Don't say I didn't warn you! Oh, and it's slash we're dealing with here, of the m/m NC17 variety. Prudes and children are politely requested to return to more well charted waters.

First, however, a few essential links, from all fandoms:)

The House of Slack is a great, multifandom site. Highlander, The Sentinel, Due South, Hard Core Logo and Crossovers, all by Zen And nancy.

The Complete Kingdom of Slash The name really says it all. The list of fandoms keeps growing. This site is particuarly helpful if you're lookig for rare fandoms.

Pavillion Fanfiction is an archive/index of recommended stories, both gen and slash.


The following are links to Highlander fanfiction, some of it gen, some slash. You really don't need me to tell you what's so great about Highlander slash;) Hope you find what you're looking for:)

The Methos Boxer Brigade is very aptly named, requiring really no explanation. Contains mostly D/M fic, and other Methoscentric stuff.

The Ancient And The Scot contains slash fanfic from many fandoms, including Highlander. I love their Left Of Center series, which I highly recommend, especially if you like your Methos on top. Also contains fanfic in other fandoms.

Anyone but Mac contains slash fanfic with Methos paired with, you guessed it, anyone but Mac.

the flambeau factory torch’s fanfic. ‘nuff said:)

Highlander Fanfiction Archive Highlander stories, gen, slash, all in one place:) Listed by author, title, and pairing. I could spend hours here. Hold that, I have spent hours here.

Connor Macloed Highlander Fanfiction Some gen, some slash, all featuring my favourite Highlander:)

immies kimmies and swords Pics, links, quotes, fanfic, a special Methos section, a Richie Ryan page:)

The X Files

Two absolutely gorgeous guys. What could be better than hooking them up? I tend to like the romantic stuff with these two. But I break that rule quite often, for the right author. Yeah, I know, every time they get together Mulder beats Krycek up. Or Krycek shoves Mulder across the room and kisses him. But that, IMNSHO, only spices things up. The chemistry between the two is undeniable. The X Files is my favourite fandom, and this is my favorite pairing. I lost my virginity as a slash writer to these two, and they will always hold a special place in my heart.

The Red and the Black is an essential link for any lover of slash invloving Krycek. It started with just M/K, but now there's a Sk/K section too:) The Theban Band also have their residence there, producing some of the neatest Nick Lea doctored photo's on the web.

These Men Of Honor by Rachel Lee Arlington
Krycek is a good guy. In fact, he's even better than Mulder^..^ How is this possible? Read on.

The Rat's Nest The Heroin Series is absolutely superb, and should be read by all who enjoy good, original fic. Be warned, though, this series has many more thorns than roses. I'm still hopeful that all will turn out for the best, however, as there are still two installments to come:) All the other stories are good as well. Very good, in fact. I just wish they wrote faster:) Oh, and in the homeless shelter, with fiction by Bone, Aristide, be absolutely *sure* not to miss A Boy and His Rat by C.M. Decarnin.

Amirin's X File Slash Page Tails is absolutely the most awesome story I have ever read, in any fandom. It is just soo good. I sat in the middle of the library bawling my eyes out. Sniff. The Tapestry Series is a much happier story. Up 'till now, at least. It somehow manages to skillfully evade the overclicheed 'fall of the consortium,' in favor of casting Alex in the role of hero and saviour of mankind. Have I mentioned I love Amirin's Alex?

the flambeau factory The north west passage is an amazing series. The characters are extremely vivid, the humour neither too blatant nor too cryptic, and the suspense is out of this world. The UST manages to stay on even after they've slept together. Oh, and this series features a likeable Scully. Not the Ice Queen. Yippee!

Den of Sin Doesn't this site have such a delicious name:) Fortunately for us, it also has really great fic. Force me to choose, and I'll pick Green Eyed Monster, by Aries, but all the stories are worth reading (and drooling over, etc ;) Be warned, however, most use the framework of the X Files only as the barest excuse to slash. Which is never a bad thing...;)

imajiru You must read Departure! Must must must! Such a great series. It features Krycek stoned. And Krycek being bad. And the word 'Ratcave.' And lots of delicious smut. And has a really good plot, but doesn't get bogged down in it. The dialogue is out of this world. Why are you still here, when you could be here? Go! And be rewarded with a special recipe for mulderchip cookies:)

Blood, Love and Rhetoric is Ladonna King's X Files Slash page. Absolutely to die for. Read Breathless, and, if you're anything like me, you will be hooked. Good thing there's a sequel. But now Solidarity needs a sequel too. Vicious, vicious cycle. Blood, Love and Rhetoric is great too. So is Possesion, which is deliciously weird in a post-Colonization sort of way. Go hence and read slash! *wicked grin*

The Sentinel

Born to Bottom is Meghan Black's recs of Bottom!Jim stories. Caveat Lector, but if you ask me, more than worth it. I particularly liked Those Who Can by Sihaya Black. And I don't even really like Sentinalfic. Oh well, certain stories transcend fandoms.

The Eternal Palace

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