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Comparison Study of English and Bahasa Indonesia
English and Bahasa Indonesia users Hello!

This web page is driven by my enthusiasm in learning the linguistic aspects of languages, especially in English and Bahasa Indonesia. One of the main reason behind it is the language barrier between these two major language users.

I believe that actually the mankind has its own superiority over the computer (or machine in general) in the aspects of sense and deductive learning.

 That's why the study of computational linguistics (a sub discipline of Artificial Intelligence), which analyzes languages from merely limited mindset built to the computer, is not really as success as other areas such as information systems, numeric/probabilistic computation, web programming, etc.

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Language connects people from different countries all over the world

Making a machine that helps people all over the world to communicate each other is one big dream never (really) come true, even it has been discussed widely since 1950s -- the era when the first generation of computer is found.

-- This website it created by Rudi Arief. He  is a practitioner and reviewer of applied computational linguistic since 1994 --

Why it is hard to convert English texts to Bahasa Indonesia?