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Prehistoric Forest Mystery Hill

By Bob & Lynn Difley

If you fondly remember when family entertainment was simpler, the days before high tech sci-fi movies like Star Wars and home computer video games that now mesmerize the younger set, take a nostalgic visit to the Prehistoric Forest and Mystery Hill on Ohio’s Lake Erie shoreline. Though considered old-fashioned by the cyber set, the big-as-life dinosaurs set in a jungle-like forest with faux rocks and a contrived waterfall, and the strange gravity defying illusions like water running up hill, still mystify and intrigue visitors.

Young children especially enjoy teaming up for water balloon battles between mom and dad and grandma and grandpa. Two launching platforms, each with a rigged up catapult, loft the balloons through a hole in the roof, toward the other. A direct hit on the opposing roof, of course, showers the "enemy" with water and giggles. The concession stand provides a bucket of water balloons for $1.

Visit the reptile house to see live lizards, turtles, and snakes, and have your picture taken with Cher Kon, a one-year old Bengal Tiger.

Prehistoric Forest & Mystery Hill, 8332 E. Harbor Road (Rte. 163, eight miles east of Port Clinton), Marblehead, Ohio 43440. Phone (419) 798-5230 or visit their Web site at Open 10AM to dark, every day, Memorial Day to Labor Day. Weekends only in May and September.