The Journal of Sarc and Diamanda Meatha

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The Journal of Sarc and Diamanda Meatha

Welcome to the journal of Sarc and Diamanda Meatha.
You will find many memories of our life upon Temuair.
We hope you enjoy your visit. Thank you.

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Sarc and I met sometime in Deoch 7. I was married at the time and so was he, though his wife had left long ago. I was having troubles in my marriage and for some reason, Sarc came to console me. He was so caring and helpful to me in my time of need, and soon I found myself falling in love with this man that had been so generous and gracious. He admitted to feeling the same with me and soon I had made my decision to leave my husband and be with this man I now loved more than anything in the world.Around Deoch 8 we were joined by the fae. As soon as Deoch 9 came around we were married in the Mileth Church in front of many family and friends. I had never been so happy in my life. We have been together since and have had so many adventures and so much fun together and will continue doing so. We love each other more than anything in the world and no one could ever tear us apart.

Diamanda Meatha

This is our wedding. It was the most wonderful day in my entire life.

This is me down in the bottom of Mileth Crypt with the sleeping dragon.
I was so glad he didn't decide to awake while I was there.

Sarc and I at Whisper and Jac's Wedding.It was a beautiful ceremony, I cried.

This is Sarc and I when we dressed up as a Rogue and Priest.

This is Prett and Mycaela's Wedding. They are two sweet and crazy people.
Best of luck to them.

Oui, Ginger, Sarc, and I dressed up again.

Sarc giving me a kiss. We love each other more than anything in the world.

Pasha, Allita dressed as a rogue, and me dressed as a priest.

Pala, Sarc, and I dressed up and standing together in the Wastelands.

This is Pashura in the newly designed Rucesion Burgess dress.
It is a magnificent dress.

This is at the 3rd Mileth Fair during the dog auction.
BioMagus won with a 60 million bid. Congrats.

These are two drawings I made. One of a peasant and one
of the "Dark Star", Lady Dubhaim.

MORE MEMORIES TO COME, so please be patient


These are simply pages of Temuair by other aislings. I do not always share
the same views that others state on their pages.

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Hope you enjoyed your visit. Thanks for dropping by we

appreciate it.

~Sarc and Dia~