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Cellular Communication

Obtain Optimal Health with Glyconutritionals Dr. Bloebel won the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1999, for his incredible breakthrough discovery, that revealed how the cells of our bodies communicate with each other! This discovery is so immensly important, because it explains how every function of the body works, from cell differentiation in embryonic development, to how it is that the body knows wether it has a pathogen and what it has to do to get rid of it. The knowledge of how the body does this has long been sought!

Wouldn't it be great if all of a sudden you could turn on the lights in your body, so it could see all the toxins and finally be able to get rid of them!!?? Well, Mannatech makes food supplements called Glyconutrients(a particular kind of Nutraceutical)that turns the lights on and provides the nutrients that support cell to cell communication. Plant saccharides provide the essential building blocks for Glycoproteins. Scientists have found that there are eight essential saccharides needed for glycoprotein (GP) production. Only one or two of these are found in our modern commercialized diets. Once these rare carbohydrates(the eight essential saccarhides)are introduced back into our diet, our bodies are able to produce optimal levels of GPs, brining us the health and longevity we all seek. This means that virtually any problem can probably improve, once the body has the building blocks to make GPs! Mannatech is a leader in this NEW Carbohydrate(the essential saccharides)technology!

This New knowledge is already changing the entire paradigm of thinking in health care!! It has been suggested that this new approach to disease and wellness is set to radically change the whole medical profession World Wide! The medical profession is going to have to shift its main focus from merely just trying to correct illness, to preventing it through diet. This new approach is set to save health care systems billions of dollars. This could be one of the most important things you will ever learn!! So, explore it to the max!!

Before the DSHEA(Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act)law went into effect, many consumers were duped by false or inaccurate claims about food supplements. Before DSHEA, there were only two legal catagories of items for human consumption, food and drugs. DSHEA created a third catagory called Nutraceuticals. Nutraceuticals are food supplements that are scientifically validated as to having beneficial health effects. This makes it harder to dupe consumers, because now they can have access to the scientific validation of a product. There have been many amazing scientific studies done on Mannatech's products by genuine, rigorous third party researchers showing a structure function effect on the body. In other words, Mannatech has the science and research validating its products and this is exactly what people want!

In 1998, there were over 20,000 peer reviewed scientific articles published on Glycoscience. In March of this year, Mannatech opened a New website called ( This New Science website supports the Glyconutritionals from Mannatech; it is a database of the above mentioned third party scientific studies. this site is for lay people, scientists,doctors, and researchers. You can type in a disease and the research pertaining to that disease and these products will pop up. For example, Depression, Cancer, Diabetes,ADAD,ADD,Parkinson's disease,Lyme disease, etc. This site gives an in-depth look at this emerging new science(Glycoscience) and the impact it has on health all around the world. Also, explore Glyconutritionals on the list to the left. There are disease specific reviews in there as well. This is a tremendous site to give to your doctors!!

These products are NOT designed to cure,treat,or mitigate any disease, however; they ARE providing the body with the missing necessary nutrients so the body has the ability to heal itself.

As people become aware of how immensly important it is to have these Glyconutrients in their diet, more and more of them will be searching the Internet for Glycoscience sites, and for these scientifically validated products. Obviously, the demand for Mannatech's products is going to skyrocket!! Are you getting the picture of the awesome potential here? This company is destined to be huge!! They have been doing business in the U.S. for over five years. They are curently doing business in Canada,Australia,the UK,and Japan formally opens by July 2000. It is gearing up for further International expansion into Europe and Asia in the near future!

One last example of how well Mannatech has positioned itself in this New industry is its New Fat Loss Program. They realize that many people are more interested in beauty and fat loss, than in health. Many of these people are frustrated because they are unable to loose weight or keep it off, no matter what they try. Researchers have found that certain foods produce high levels of insulin and this prevents fat burn. Mannatech has developed a fat loss program based on this NEW fat burning science, which is based on Glycemic Indexing. This program is unique in that it is NOT focused on weight loss; it is focused on FAT LOSS. In typical weight programs, people often lose muscle (the heart is muscle) and bone mass. In the Mannatech program, muscle and bone mass often increase!!

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