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Part of the group in 2000

Cave Country Selfs Gathering - VI
Mammoth Cave, Kentucky
25 September 2004

The sixth annual Cave Country Self Family reunion will be held this September 24,25, and 26th, 2004, in the Mammoth Cave National Park Hotel, Mammoth Cave, Kentucky. The conference room has been reserved for all three days, and we have the family banquet planned for 6:00 pm on Saturday the 25th of September.

Are you a decendant of this early family that settled in the Hart - Edmonson - Barren - Hardin - LaRue - Warren county area in 1805? This is your family and we seek and desire your presence.

If you live out of the area and need a place to stay, rooms have been set aside at the Mammoth Cave Hotel, but they are very limited.

For more details - contact Dean or Wanda at:

Make your reservations now and let us know you plan to attend this event. There were almost 60 cousins who attended last year, so let us make it a 100 this year.

Friday. The conference room at the Mammoth Cave Hotel is available for all the early-bird arrivals. The Mammoth Cave Hotel conference room has been set aside for the SELF family, September 24-26, 2004.

Saturday. The conference room will open at 8:00 A.M., this adjoins the lobby area. Visiting and sharing new information, especially those old photographs ( be sure to brings yours ) will continue until about noon. Lunch is where ever you choose and trips to local cemeteries, visits to old homesteads, etc., may be in order, but plan to be back at the conference room no later than 5:00 P.M. We hope to have a photographer for group pictures between 5:00 and 6:00 P.M.

6:00 PM - We will be adjourning to the Dining Room for the family buffet which will run $15.75 per person. If you are attending this segment of the reunion, the Park service requires we provide a confirmed headcount two weeks in advance.

7:30 PM +/- We all return to the conference room.

For the local cousins, there will be hosts in the conference room all day, so plan to join us any time during the day and for the family dinner this day.

Sunday: We still have the conference room, so go meet those other cousins you didn't spend enough time with yesterday.

For those cousins who were with us last year, we look forward to being with you again. If you have not yet attended the “ Annual Self Gathering,” be assured you will be welcomed with open arms, a big hug and immediately become our newest cousin.

Coming in from out-of-town? Staying the night? Arrangements have been made with Sarah for a room rate of $ 59.95 tax included, with Mammoth Cave National Park Hotel. Map of Hotel To insure that you get this special rate you must identify that you are with the SELF group. We have blocked off 30 rooms, so make your reservations now. It is unsure at this time that additional rooms will become available. Please make your reservations now. Phone 270-758-2225. If you must cancel after making your reservations, a 48 hour advance notice will suffice and remove your charge. If you prefer to have a room with handicap facilities, please request your preference when you make your reservation.

Please note: To those who will be staying at the Mammoth Cave Hotel and/or will be buying their meals there, the dining room is open for breakfast from 7:00 - 10:00 am, and the Coffee Shop is open from 10:00 AM to 4:30 PM

Contact Wanda Wilson ( or Dan McCarthy ( to let us know you will be attending any portion of this family get-together.


In Review - Cave Country Self’s Gathering of 2003 – Mammoth Cave, Kentucky.
Attendees included: Max and Matilda Barber – IA., Paul and Betty Basham – IN., Butch “William” and Renea Bowling – IN., Sue Carroll – IN., Winston and Judith Coomer – KY., Linda Eithel – TX., John Ben and Elaine Eitel – TX., Ward and Deborah Self Farlow – IN., Jewell Gibson – IN., Wayne Hatcher – KY., Aleen and Farrell James – KY., Jimmie James – KY., William and Susan Kurtz – IN., Larry Lathey – KY., Judy Lawler – KY., Lucille Lewis – KY., Verlin and Lillian Lewis – KY., Dan and Cheryl McCarthy – GA., Maureen McCarthy and Sean Patterson – GA., William “mac” and Jane McCarthy – FL., Ross and Vonda Neely – IL., Susan Nelson – IN., Gilbert and Debbie Puckett – KY., Lewellen M. and Lena Puckett – KY., Lori Raleigh – IN., George E. and Doris Redford – TX., Floyd Russell – TX., Mark and Sherry Russell – MO., Sara Russell – TX., Ruby Schooling – KY., Bill and Lois Ann Self – IN., Bob and Lela Self – IN., James and Pauline Self – IN., Richard Self – AR., Annabelle Self Shelton – SC., H. Dean and Wanda Wilson – KY.
Total – 57, from 10 States.

In Review - 2002 Attendees included:
Paul Basham, Betty Basham, Sue Carroll, Anderson Childress, Judith Coomer, Winston Coomer, William Dodson, Hazel Dodson, Deborah Farlow, Ward Farlow, Jewell Gibson, Alvin Gilbert, Lynda Gilbert, Tommy Hatcher, Kim Hatcher, Cynthia Huettig, Wilson Huettig, Farrell James, Jimmie James, Sue James, Larry Lathery, Dianne Lathery, Verlin Lewis, Lillian Lewis, Lucille Lewis, Bill McCarthy, Jane McCarthy, Daniel C. McCarthy, Cheryl McCarthy, Daniel P. McCarthy, Sharen McCarthy, Daniel G. McCarthy, Justin Harper, Kevin Patterson, Maureen Patterson, Sean Patterson, and

Carmen Peach, Neva Peach, Lewallen Puckett, Lena Puckett, Gilbert Puckett, Deb Puckett, Lori Beth Raleigh, Doris Redford, Eddie Redford, Mark Russell, Sherry Russell, Floyd Russell, Matilda Jane Russell-Barber, Edna Sanders, Minnie Sartin, Ruby Ray Schooling, Kenneth Self, Bill Self. Lois Self, Bob Self, Lela Self, Charles L. Self, James Self, Pauline Self, Judy Self Smith, Evelyn Thompson, Bill Thompson, Alice Timmering, Dean Wilson, Wanda Wilson, all from the states of CO., IA., TX., OK., FL., MO., IN., GA., and KY.

In Review - 2001 Attendees included: Greg Albertson & Shiho Sata Albertson, Sue Carroll, Bob Crabtree, Mary Ann Dunagan Crabtree, Michelle Day, Helen Dunagan, Joe Dunagan, Janice Funk, Jewell Gibson, Wayne Hatcher, Bill Ice, Prisscilla Self Ice, Farrell James, Jimmie James, Billy Lewis, Lillian Lewis, Lucille Nelson-Lewis, Verlin Lewis, Cheryl McCarthy, Daniel McCarthy, William "Mac" McCarthy, Jane McCarthy, Kevin Patterson, Maureen Patterson, Sean Patterson,


Neva Peach, Carmen Keith-Peach, Clark Puckett, Gilbert Puckett, LewAllen Puckett, Doris Redford, Eddie Redford, Rudy Schooling, Ruby Schooling, Bill Self & Lois Self, David M. Self, Bob Self & Lela Self, Larry Self & Brenda Self, Eric Self & Crystal Self, Wade Self, Lois Rice-Self, Fred "Butch" Self, McClellan D. Self, Leroy Self, Juliet D. Self, Dean Wilson & Wanda Wilson.

Special recognition and corsages was given to three special ladies - Lucille Nelson-Lewis, granddaughter of Sarah E. Self and Thomas Newton Nelson; Lois Rice-Self, widow of Frank Self, who was a grandson of Jesse Self; and Carmen Keith-Peach, granddaughter of Asa Self & Vitula Ann Ezell.

The Cave Country Selfs Gathering of September 21 -23, was held in Cave City, KY. In attendance from (total of 52) KY., TN., IN., GA., FL., TX., OK., and KS. Our big event this year was the auctioning of the Self Family quilt, which proceeds go to the Self Family Newsletters Thelma nolan Cornfeld Scholarship Award. The high bidder and winner of this beautiful quilt was Bill Self of Trafalgar, Indiana.

In Review - 2000 Attendees included : Stacey Blanton, Joyce Bowman, Sue Carroll, Michelle Day, William Dodson & Joy Sue Dodson, Kenneth Ezell, Etola Self Ezell, Janice Funk, Georgia Gardner, Jewell Gibson, Wayne Hatcher, Esther Hawthorne & Ray Hawthorne, Dolores Howard, Jimmy James, Darrell James, Jeffrey Jewell, Delores Self Kapilla & Mike Kapilla, Larry G. Key & Theresa Anne Key & Larry Christopher Key & Adam Micheal Key, Janie Logsdon, Dan McCarthy & Cheryl McCarthy, Kevin Patterson & Maureen Patterson, Neva Peach, Carmen Peach, Velma "Trixie" Puckett, Doris Redford & Ed Redford, Shirley Self Renner, Evelyn Rone, Kimberly Rone, Charles Self & Joy Self, Lonnie jr. & Mary F. Self, Bill Self & Lois Self, William M.(Bob) Self & Lela Fancher, Gary D. Self & Joyce A. Self, David M. Self & Jane Self, Larry Self & Brenda Self & Katrina Self, Ruby Schooling, Judy Smith, Susan Stuckey, Alice Timmering, David Timmering, Dusty Trail, Ruth Self Triplo, Dean Wilson & Wanda Wilson, all (61) coming in from the states of Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, Kansas, Georgia, Texas, Ohio, and North Carolina (8).

More on the happenings of this event can be found in Volume 11 Issue 4, Oct. 15, 2000, of the Self Family Newsletter.

In Review - 1999 Attendees included: Susan Funk (IN),Jewell Gibson (IN), Cheryl & Dan McCarthy (GA), Doris & Ed Redford (TX), and Janice Stuckey (NC).


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