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The Plat shown above is a portion of the plat created by Dan McCarthy from a collection of deeds following a visit in 1972 to the Chester County Courthouse. The fuller plat was presented as a cover to Volume II Issue 4 of the Self Family Newsletter. (copyrighted)


The earliest records we have of our Cave Country Self family is in Chester County, South Carolina. Here we have come to an abrupt stop. We know for a fact that John Self, the eldest of three known brothers who were in Chester County, SC., leaves his first mark in 1793 when he appears on a juror list. Brothers Edward and Ezekial make their appearance later on. The three brothers are proven to one another in the Murder Trial of Ezekial Self for the alleged killing of his wife, Elizabeth. (See Volume III, Issue 2 - Self Family Newsletter) The wide spread in the ages of the three boys does leave room for brothers and sisters, however none have been found or even implied.

We have our site linked to the Selfs found in Lunenburg County VA. due to the fact that Ezekial Self will state in his Military record that he is of Lunenburg Co. VA., however, the Self family there was gone by 1778, before Ezekial was born. Reviewing the families found in Lunenburg, Chester, and later in Hart-Barren Co's KY., Lunenburg, tho weak, is the only lead we presently have.

under contruction..........


Ezekial Self Sr.

1741, Oct. 25. Born to Thomas & Elizabeth Self in Virginia per a bible record. (SFN V2p10). The will of Thomas Self of 1781 (SFN V1p56) Loudoun Co. Va., will name "my 3 sons and one daughter", and Ezekial is not one of the sons.

1759 Ezekial Selff on Loudoun Co. VA. Tithable List. (SFN V7p41)
1760 Ezekial Self on Loudoun Co. VA. Tithable List. (SFN V7p41)
1761 Ezekial Self on Loudoun Co. VA. Tithable List. (SFN V7p41)
1763 Ezekial Self on Loudoun Co. VA. Tithable List.(SP)
1764 Ezekial Self mentioned in Clerks Fee Book, Loudoun Co. VA. (SFN V6p64)

South Carolina

1778, Curtis to Ezekial Self, 250 acres on SW side of PeeDee river in Craven County, SC. (SFN V1 p19)
1783 Ezekial Self, juror in the Georgetown District of SC. (SFN V1 p19)


Name in use from here on will be Selph.

1786 Bulloch Co. GA. - purchase of 100 acres from J. Jones. (SFN V1p38)
1788 Bulloch Co. GA. - on Headrights list, 100 & 150 acres. (SFN V1p38)
1793 Bulloch Co. GA. - on Headrights list, 200 acres. (SFN V1p38)
1794 Bulloch Co. GA. - mentioned in a deed as adjacent property.(SP)
1796 Bulloch Co. GA. - Stock Records Book, ear markings.
1805 Bulloch Co. GA. - Georgia lottery of 1805, 2 draws as a free white male with wife or children under 21. (SFN V1p16)
1805 Bulloch Co. GA. - Will presented in court is in error, rejected. No will.(SP)
1805 Bulloch Co. GA. - an Ezekial Selph jr and Amy Selph are named executors of the Estate of Ezekial Selph Sr.(SP)
1806 Bulloch Co. GA. - Estate appraised. Said estate included 3 slaves - Jude, Daniel, and a boy named Aaron.(SP)

(SP) = Selph Portraits, 1996, an excellent book by June Selph Adams of Dublin, GA. Not to be confused with a "johnny come lately" similiarly named website.

[Correspondence w/ an Alpharetta Register in the late 1960's, implied she had access to the file box containing the admx papers of the estate of said Ezekial Selph. Follow-up letters in the late 80's to the Clerk of Court state that these records have been misplaced]

[The use of Ezekial Selph "JR" does strongly imply that Ezekial Selph SR. had possibly, at the least, one son. As of now, this line is a total toss-up]

The Two Ezekial's

Are there one or two Ezekial Selfs born 1780's ? We have the Ezekial Self in Chester County SC., one of the three brothers well documented, and without lead number one to a possible parent, and in Bulloch County, Georgia we have the Ezekial Selph, a probable son of Ezekial Self / Selph.

Hang on for a wild theory that proposes these two Ezekials's are the one and the same, and if so, will really create an interesting scenerio. We have tried to list all the records of all Ezekial Self / Selphs, and even though these two Ezekials have the knack for not leaving a record in the same time frame, doesn't necessarily mean they are the one and the same. Or does it?

1780/1784 ca. Ezekial Self born - claims birth inLunenburg Co. VA. tho no Selfs lived there in that time frame. / also NC is listed as a birthplace.
1780/1784 ca. Ezekial Selph born.

1803 - Ezekial Self murder trial in SC -------- no record of Ezekial Selph in Georgia.
1805 - no Ezekial Self in SC --- Ezekial Selph, a jr and sr, in the Georgia land lottery.
1805 - no Ezekial Self in SC ---- Ezekial Selph Sr. dies in Bulloch Co. GA.; Ezekial Selph listed as Admx, and one of 4 heirs.
1805/1806 - John Self and Edward Self, two brothers to Ezekial Self, leave for KY.
1806 - Ezekial Self arrested in SC, but flees paying fine, according to SC court records, to Georgia. --- no record of Ezekial Selph in Georgia.
1814, May - Ezekial Self in Chester Co. Court - - no record of Ezekial Selph in Georgia.
1814-1819 Ezekial Self is in Military in Missouri - no record of Ezekial Selph in Georgia.
1820 - no Ezekial Self ------- Ezekial Selph in Bulloch County, GA.
1830 - no Ezekial Self -------- Ezekial Selph in Lowndes County, GA., lives near a Thomas Selph, born 1777 in NC., a second possible heir to Ezekial Self / Selph sr.
1832 - no Ezekial Self ---- --- Ezekial Selph in 1832 Georgia land lottery.
1834 - Ezekial Self signs overs 160 acre grant in Arkansas --- no Ezekial Selph.
1840 - no Ezekial Self ------- Ezekial Selph in Lowndes Co., Georgia census.
1844 - no Ezekial Self ----- Ezekial Selph dies in Lowndes Co. GA.

Two different Ezekial's, just a lot of coincidences? Ok, both families keep searching as usual.

The one and the same Ezekial? This will be one strange puzzle to try to piece together.

after conclusion -

There are several websites on the internet that have various persons listed, from dumb to even dumber, as the parents of these three boys. To these people, i have sent, and will offer to anyone, a reward of $200.00 for the proof of the parentage of our three Selfs listed above. I am tired of people spreading false information on our family. - Dan McCarthy


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