The following item was sent to me by a Magician, offering his understanding of Satanist.

“First off, Satanists do not "worship" Satan. They don't even worship anything, really. Satan is an archetype of true freedom. In the Eden myth, it is Satan who coaxes Eve into seizing her own free will. God is a symbol of oppression and tyranny in the Satanist mindset.

The Core Manifesto
Satanists have a set of tenets that guide them on their path to true free will:

Satan represents indulgence instead of abstinence!

Satan represents vital existence, instead of spiritual pipe dreams!

Satan represents undefiled wisdom, instead of hypocritical self-deceit!

Satan represents kindness to those who deserve it, instead of love wasted on ingrates!

Satan represents vengeance, instead of turning the other cheek!

Satan represents responsibility to the responsible, instead of concern for psychic vampires!

Satan represents man as just another animal, sometimes better, often worse than those that walk on all fours, who, because of his "divine spiritual and intellectual development," has become the most vicious animal of all!

Satan represents all of the so-called sins, as they lead to physical, mental, or emotional gratification!

Satan has been the best friend the [Christian] Church has ever had as he has kept it in business all these years!

Satanists also have laws.

They're so easy to follow because they draw on common sense:

Do not give opinion or advice unless you are asked.

Do not tell your troubles to others unless you are sure they want to hear them.

When in another's lair, show him respect or else do not go there.

If a guest in your lair annoys you, treat him cruelly and without mercy.

Do not make sexual advances unless you are given the mating signal.

Do not take that which does not belong to you unless it is a burden to the other person and he cries out to be relieved.

Acknowledge the power of magic if you have employed it successfully to obtain your desires. If you deny the power of magic after having called upon it with success, you will lose all you have obtained.

Do not complain about anything to which you need not subject yourself.

Do not harm little children.

Do not kill non-human animals unless attacked or for your food.

When walking in open territory, bother no one. If someone bothers you, ask him to stop. If he does not stop, destroy him.

The Satanists I know are sensitive, caring people who simply don't take any BS they don't feel they deserve. Yes, they do employ magic to further their own causes, but let me ask you, who doesn't? When you heal someone or put an aura of protection on him or her, you are covering your own interest in the form of your love for another person that you wish to be well so that you can enjoy him or her to the fullest. There is an ulterior motive to EVERYTHING you do, whether you consciously realize it or not. When a Satanist employs magic, she already knows that what she does will bring consequences, and is willing to accept those consequences (responsibility for the responsible). This correlates directly to the Rede and the Triple Return Policy.

I really think though when you use the word "Satanist" you are actually referring to devil worshippers. Satanists, for the most part, find these people to be childish and dangerous, and will not associate with them. Devil worshippers are the ones that you hear about (who foolishly call themselves Satanists) who abuse for gain. Satanists reserve abuse for those that abuse in the first place. They cherish their loved ones and their pets, and they strive to keep their environment as clean as they can. I know Satanists that are so ashamed of humanity that they wish it would become extinct so that the world would return to its pristine, pre-human state, and although I don't agree with it, I find that to be a love of the earth beyond where most people are willing to go.

So please, please, when you want to talk about abusive magicians, please leave the Satanists out of it. They are not what you are talking about.”

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