New Age

I decided the best way for me to present a page on the New Age philosophies would be to begin with introducing my sister, Dr. Nomi Sweetfire. Below is her Bio from the web site,
A Beautiful Kauai Wedding. I will be adding links to her published writtings and other sites soon.

Dr. Nomi Sweetfire

Dr. Sweetfire, or "Auntie Nomi" as she is referred to in Kauai, is the CEO and Director of Activities for Inner Awareness Mastery Church, Inc.

Auntie Nomi was born in Kansas and raised mostly in the mid-western States. Beginning her Ministerial training at Unity School of Christianity in 1955. She then married and raised a family of 8 children, living mostly in Southern California. By 1976 she became a co-founder of Inner Awareness Mastery, a multi-denominational church. The next 23 years of study and practice have earned her certification in Rebirthing, Bowen Body therapy, and Healing Touch Therapy. She has also facilitated "A Course In Miracles" for several years.

She is now very busy conducting workshops, forming support groups, Memorial Services, Christenings, and coordinating many wonderful wedding ceremonies and vow renewals.

"Weddings have become a wonderful form of celebrating the Promise of Love. Each couple has the freedom to create their own dream. It is always such a pleasure to be a special part of creating something new, exciting and very personal. Sometimes the challenges are great, but how rewarding and what a grand time we have all had together."