Phases of the Moon
Lunar Correspondences

Phase of the MoonAlso Known AsColorRulesAssociated Deities
New Moon"The White Raiser"SilverBeginnings, Birth, Hunting, Initiation, VirginityAerope, An, Artemis, As-im-Babbar , Bride, Brigid , Brigit, Caenis, Chrysaor, Clotho, Elate, Elektra, Hilal, Isis, Kotharat, Linda, Maiden, Maryam, NimuŽ, Theope
Waxing Moon White/Silver Attractions, Beginnings, Birth, Growth, Ideas, Love, Positive/Constructive ChangeArtemis, Diana, Epona, The Maiden, Neith
Full Moon"The Red Reaper"Red, GreenFertility, Fulfillment, Growth, Illumination, Light, Love, Maturation, Nurturing, Power, Psychic Ability, Sexuality, TransformationArtemis, Astarte, Calliope, Cameira, Diana, Europa,, Father Nanna, Hathor, Iphigenia, Isis, Juno, Larchesis, Mari, Mariamne, Mother, Mounykhia, Nemesis, Nymph, Olymene, Pammon, PasiphaŽ, Phoebe, Praxithea, Rhode, Selene
Waning Moon"The Dark Winnower of Grain"Black Banishment, Death and Resurrection, Deep Secrets, Divination, Endings, Intuition, Old Age, Post-menopausal Women, Prophecy, Release, Reversal of Fortune, The Power of Healing, WisdomAnna, Annis, Apemosyne, Astarte, Atropos, Bentheslcyme, Chrysothemis, Crone, Ebule, Europa, Hecate, Hekate, The Hesperides, Ialysa, Lebanah, Levanah, Ninja

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