Idealism is the theory that the mind creates matter, that thought creates reality. Berkeley states that substance cannot exist without the perception that sense experience telling us it does. An example is things only exist when they are being perceived. Think if there is no one in a room does the inside of the room exist or if a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it does it make a noise? Have you ever disputed with a friend on weather or not a shade of purple is purple or if it qualifies as blue? We all see things as we perceive them.

Quantum physics has proved that 99.9% of everything is made up of nonentity. What exists only exists because it is being measured or perceived. There is by no means anyone who really has an understanding of quantum physics, but the basic theory is that time and space are the same thing, everything is the same thing yet separate and there is an infinite number of universes directly dependant on every choice ever made by everyone.

The macro realms are the things that can be seen and measured with the eye. The micro realm is the elementary particles that make up the substance of reality. The three main theories to explain this are:
1) Our mind imposes aspects onto the micro to create the macro IE. Our thoughts make up reality?

2) Everything is made up of the same thing; god is a pervasive energy rather than a being. An empowering thought...

3) Or messages are sent faster than light; if a person gets the feeling not to get on a plain because it will crash, this is a message from the future self-telling the current self the plain will crash.

Does all time exist simultaneously, and we merely perceive it as linear due to our lack of perspective? If this is the case, could times of severe stress (crisis, near-death, etc.) "rip" at the perspective we have and allow us brief glimpses of the greater reality?

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