Gematria is essentially the body of techniques which have been developed through the centuries to attribute meaning to numbers and derive meaning from them. This is usually done by converting words or names to numerical form and comparing and transforming these numbers, thereby obtaining a new perspective on the relationships of the original concepts.

This system relies heavily upon synchronicity. It could, indeed, be considered a mantic (divinatory) system like the I Ching or tarot cards.

The point is to attempt to find as many connections between the numbers (concepts) being compared as possible. This can be very rewarding as a meditation technique. Any other application of numerology should be taken with a grain of salt.

There are two main systems used in the west to convert letters to numbers. These are the Hebrew Aiq Bekar and the later Pythagorean table based upon Greek. The American Standard for Coded Interchange of Information (ASCII) is included in this section for those who wish to experiment with computer numerology.

The student should be capable of discovering the properties of a number never before examined using the techniques of gematria. Gematria is a form of numerology used in the practices of literal qabalah. Practice the examination of a different number each day and record the result in your journal as a form of meditation and mental exercise.

The Aiq Bekar is probably the most widely known and is also used in the Western method of creating planetary kamea and sigils (refer to Sigils).

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