Divine Fornication

In the Beginning
Before time was as it is, there was darkness. And this great void was filled with cries of loneliness and thought. So the One Who Is Many created Light and Place and Time. And Guardians were created to be set at Watchtowers to protect the Gates between this world and that which cannot be seen. And they were separated by clan and rank. Then it happened: the Brethren gradually drifted away from the Source. Those who drifted the least remained nearest The One. And those who moved further out fell into the lower air. Those who fell further were made of Fire and were transformed on contact with the earth and the Fire became flesh. Yet, there are those who drifted out farthest of all and became something else.

[The Creation of the Animal Man and the War of the Sons of Light against the Sons of Darkness]
Then came Man: The Shame and Glory of the Universe. And much is to be said here for man was not what he is today. Man was a savage, a beast among beasts in the likeness of the Brethren. Today's science recognizes this animal man as Australopithecus afarensis. And to believe the Divine Sculptor wanted this masterpiece bowed to? Such nonsense! But there was a tree amongst the garden of God, nor was there any other like him in beauty for he shined as the morning star - and so was his name. And he opened his mouth and began to speak:
"O! Great Master, when You created us did You not command us to bow to no one but Yourself? Then You create this thing whom you consider higher than the Brethren? Man is a tool-using animal...without tools he is nothing; and a cruel death is always near, so frail a thing is man. I am sorry, my Lord, but I cannot disobey the first commandment."

And amongst the ranks was God's Strength -Azazel- who also responded with:
"How can a Son of Fire bow to a Son of Clay"?

And it happened. There was war among the Brethren and my Brothers were not my Brothers any longer.

[The Masterpiece perfected and the Divine Fornication]
Millennia upon millennia have passed and this animal man evolved, but maintained the likeness of its beastly ape cousins. So once more the Great Sculptor created a dividend within this man race by making him aware of His Spirit; thus making him sentient and named him Adam - from the four component parts and appointed for him four special stars - and to him was shown two ways, the light and the darkness. Then came war among Man so that they established clan and rank as the Brethren. Eventually, the tree of Adam prospered over the old race. And it came to pass that the Sons of Fire looked down upon the Daughters of Man and found them fair. So the Brethren conspired to leave their first estate and take wives for which they chose. Their leader, and many others too numerous to mention, was Semyaza. The Fallen came to change man's ways so that man became part-Brethren: filled with the knowledge of things hidden and secret. The children born unto them were called the Nephilim (among the Moabites they were called Emims, and among the Ammonites Zamzummims, and by other tribes Rephaim). These were the heroes of old, men of renown.

[Secrets Revealed: The Blood is the Life]
To this new race was made known the secrets of living: of healing, warfare, metallurgy, music, the art of cosmetics, the occult science of summoning spirits and divination, astrology, and much more! But most importantly, that the spirit of a living body resides in its blood, and by partaking of blood, the partaker of the blood gains the power of the creature whose life is in the blood. And some of them assaulted their brethren and drank their blood in order to gain this power. And this knowledge spread. Then, the Great Judge brought the Great Flood, for this new breed was not His creation and his ways were not His ways. And even after that the Fallen continued to come unto the Daughters of Man and their offspring dwelled in the lands of Edom, Moab, Ammon, Gilead, Bashan, up to Mt. Hermon and fought against the followers of the Great Spirit in the lands of Edrei, Ashtaroth, Heshbon, down to the river of Arnon.

And the world was purified by His ways and Semyaza, as punishment for his sins, hangs upside down as the constellation Orion: suspended between Heaven and Earth. And the Fallen hath been delivered into chains of darkness. So now, we - the spiritual descendants of Divine Fornication - have come into the world to teach man once more.

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