The Demonic Hierarchies
from various sources as cited

Dictionaire Infernale

Asmodeus – The Destroyer
Astaroth – Obtains friendship of great lords
Behemoth – Demon of indulgence
Ronwe – Demon of lingual knowledge
Urobach – Of the lower order of demons
Andras – Grand Marquis of Hell, brings discord and quarrels
Beelzebub – Lord of the flies
The Magus

Mammon – Prince of tempters
Asmodeus – Prince of vengeance
Satan – Prince of deluders
Belzebuth – Chief of false gods

Pytho – Prince of deceit
Beliel – Prince of iniquity
Merihim – Prince of pestilence
Abbadon – Prince of war
Astaroth – Prince of accusers and inquisitors
Grimoire of Honorius

Principle Infernal Spirits:
Lucifer – Emperor
Beelzebub – Prince
Astaroth – Grand Duke

Superior Spirits:
Lucifage Rofocale – Prime Minister
Satanchia – Grand General
Agalliarept – Aussi General
Feurety – Lieutenant Commander
Sargantanas – Major
Nebiros – Field Marshall

Subordinate Spirits:
Bael, Bathim, Agares, Pursan,
Marbas, Abigar, Pruslas, Loray, Aamon, Valefar, Barbatoes, Forau, Buer, Ayperos, Gusoyn, Nuberus, Glasyabolis

Johan Weyer

Beelzebub – Supreme Chief
Satan – Prince of darkness
Eurynomous – Prince of Death
Moloch – Prince of the land of tears
Pluto – Prince of fire
Baal – Commander
Lucifer – Dispenser of justice
Asmodeus – Prince of Gambling
Baalberith – Minister of pacts and treaties
Proserpine – Prince of demonic spirits
Astaroth – Prince and Treasurer of Hell
Nergal – Chief of secret police
Chamos, Melchom, Behmoth, Dagon, Adramalek
Traditional Medieval Hierarchies

The 7 Princes
Baal-beryth – Master of rituals and pacts
Dumah – Commander of the gehenna demons
Meririm – Prince of air
Rahab – Prince of the oceans
Sariel – Prince of the Moon
Mephistopholes – The Destroyer
Lucifer Rofocale – Prime Minister of wealth

Arch Demons
Adramaleck – Prince of fire
Carniveau – Prince of Possession
Python – Prince of Lies
Mammon – Prince of tempters, avarice and greed
Rimmon – Prince of lightning and storms

Female Arch Demons
Leviathan – The Chaos Dragon
Barbelo – Unknown
Proserpine – Destroyer
Astarte – Queen of the dead
Agrat-bat-mahlaht – Demoness of whores; 1 of Satan’s wives
Eisheth Zenunim – Same as Agrat-bat-mahlaht
Lilith – Satan’s favorite wife
Naamah – Demoness of Seduction

Jean Wierus

Bael – King
Forcas – President
Beur – President
Marhocias – Marquis

Beelzebub - North
Lucifer - East
Belial - South
Astaroth - West
Phlegathon - Center
Peter Binsfeld

Lucifer – Pride
Mammon – Avarice
Asmodeus – Lechery
Satan – Anger
Beelzebub – Gluttony
Leviathan – Envy
Belphegore – Sloth

Admirable History of the Possession
and Conversion of a Penitent Woman

1st Hierarchy
Belzebuth – Pride
Leviathan – Faith
Asmodeus – Luxury
Balberith – blasphemy and murder
Astaroth – vanity and sloth
Verrine – Impatience
Gresil – Impurity
Sonnillion – Hate

2nd Hierarchy
Carreau – Mercilessness
Carnivean – Obscenity
Oeillet – Riches and wealth
Rosier – Love
Verrier – Disobedience

3rd Hierarchy
Belial – Arrogance
Olivier – Cruelty and greed
Juvart – Demonic Possession