Daily Correspondences
Magickal Days

Effectual spell casting takes advantage of the energy and/or individual uniqueness of the days of the week. Even though an experienced practitioner may cast a spell any time, or at any place, most choose to do it the most appropriate day if possible. After all, a little extra energy never harmed any spell!

Day of the WeekRuling PlanetSpells for/involving:Also Good Day For:
MondayMoonEmotions, the Subconscious, Domestic Issues, Feminine IssuesPsychic pursuits and Dream Work
TuesdayMarsSelf-Assertion, more Energy, CourageVictory & Passions are also indicated, as well as Masculine Goals in general
WednesdayMercuryMental Issues, Communication, Education, Self-ExpressionConsulting Oracles (tarot, runes), Planning Magickal Work, Writing
ThursdayJupiterProsperity & Money, Luck & BusinessPolitical Power, Influencing People in High Places, Law & Courts
FridayVenusLove, Friendship, Beauty, Sensuality, Healing, Peace, HarmonySpells for Artistic Ability & Creativity Generally
SaturdaySaturnOvercome Obstacles, Neutralizing Harmful Energy, Binding, BanishingProtecting by Blocking or Pushing Away Negative Forces
SundaySunPhysical Strength, Obtaining Goals, Illumination, Initiating any Magickal Activitymany kinds may be done on this day, the Sun is giving energy to them all, but best for Healing & Success

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