The Chakras and Kundilini
A quick overview -

What is Kundilini? Many people have different ways of naming it, but basically it is the flow of energy through the chakra stem. This energy maintains the soul from birth to usually puberty when the chakra centers begin to open and prepare the soul and physical body for the work to be done in this life. In order for the soul to begin it's work on karma or spiritual lessons, the chakra that is in line or associated with that energy must be open and ready to join in the process. There are exceptions, for karmic reasons of course, but for most people, the Kundilini isn't ready to open until the physical body had developed and progressed to the point of puberty. (This will be discussed in a little more detail when we talk about chakras).

Chakras are the energy vortices at a sub-atomic level of your spiritual body. They are the spiritual DNA holding the trace memories from past lives and act as the input centers for the cells of the body. The chakras are the physical manifestation of the soul in the human body. Simply put, the Chakras are the Soul in a physical sense. There are a few different schools of thought for how many chakras there are, their exact placement and the purpose or function of each. In the Tibetan practices there are 9 major chakra centers and multiple minor chakras. Each major center carries with it a special purpose, energy and color vibration. Turning that around, specific types of energy and other vibrations, such as sound and words, can also stimulate these major chakra centers. Edgar Cayce prophesied that by saying the Lords Prayer, all the chakras could be opened successfully for work.

Where are the Chakras?
The chakras can't be seen with the physical eyes, x-rays, MRIs or radio scans. They are sub-atomic energy centers located along the spinal column. Each vortex carries a special energy level that causes the chakra to spin and varying speeds.

The slowest speed spin clockwise is the Root chakra. As you move up the body toward the head, the chakra centers begin to spin faster. The only centers that spin in a counter-clockwise motion are the Pancreas/Spleen chakras. Where as all the other chakras face forward like a round clock, the Pancreas/Spleen sit sideways in the body, almost like a barbell.

The energies these centers give the chakra it's own unique focus or purpose within the body. When you are working on issues of choice, you're working with the Thyroid chakra. When you working on matters of transformation within your life, you’re working on the Solar Plexus chakra. Like the energy of a flame in a fire, the energy of a chakra also carries with it a specific color.

This is a system based on Tibetan understandings and practices for several thousand years. This system locates the centers in the following way:
Pineal (Crown, 1st vortex)
Located at the top of the head. Also known as the "crown chakra" it represents the beginning. The connection to the cosmic consciousness. The fastest spinning center, this chakra vibrates the brightest light. The color that most describes this energy level is white.

Pituitary (2nd vortex)
Located between the brows, in the center of the forehead. Also known as the location of the "third eye", this chakra is considered to be the gateway to the higher self. Where you receive your spiritual communications. It reflects the oneness of spirit with the oneness of life. This chakra vibrates with a violet glow.

Thyroid (3rd vortex)
Located in the throat. This chakra represents the Will center. It is the coming together of the higher and lower chakras. It is the source where spiritual will blends with physical choices. This chakra vibrates with a blue glow.

Thymus (4th vortex)
Located in the center of the chest, next to the heart. Also called the heart chakra, it synthesizes the spiritual and physical natures in harmony and love. The center of unconditional love. This chakra vibrates with a green glow.

Solar Plexus (5th vortex)
Located where the rib cage meets at the bottom. It represents the creative center, where transition takes form and shape. This center fosters the co-creation with the soul and helps the physical body manifest issues, situations and so on. This chakra vibrates with a bright yellow glow.

Adrenals (6th vortex)
Located just a little up and behind the solar plexus. This chakra represents the protection center. This is where the body holds onto the karmic lessons for this lifetime. This center vibrates with a yellow glow, surrounded with a green border.

Pancreas (7th vortex)
Located below and to the right of the solar plexus, the Pancreas chakra governs how we honor our physical kingdom. It helps us to maintain our physical nature in balance with our spiritual natures. This center vibrates with an orange glow, much like the color of a pumpkin.

Spleen (8th vortex)
Located below and to the left of the solar plexus, the Spleen chakra is the rejuvenation center. It helps the spiritual body heal itself after a karmic lesson has been successfully resolved, or when too much energy is put out to others or to a situation. Like the Pancreas center, this chakra vibrates with a pumpkin color.

Root (9th vortex)
Located at the base of the spine, at the cervix. The last and slowest spinning chakra this center governs security and the grounding of ones energies. The security of the soul is in this embodiment for guarantee of health and survival. When the Kundilini energy first opens the spiritual body, it begins here at the base. Because this center is located within the area of the reproductive organs, the kundilini will not open until these organs are fully functional. For children, this occurs at the time of puberty. If the kundilini were to be opened too soon, the child could experience sever bouts of confusion, trauma or even illness. This chakra center vibrates with a red glow.

The upper chakras (from the solar plexus up) are the perennial chakras that progress through each physical embodiment. The energy centers hold the memories, the talents and the past knowledge of all your previous lifetimes. The lower chakras are the annual centers. These chakras are re-created with each embodiment.

What Do Chakras Do?
As we progress through each embodiment, the lessons and energy we experience on a day-to-day basis will stimulate a particular chakra center. The chakras affect the regulatory flow of energy, which results in an effect of the physical body. Or simply put, the chakras energy manifests in the body when we're working on issues that relate to the purpose or function of that chakra.

An Example:
If you're working on matters of "will", such as choosing not to stand up for yourself and speak your mind, then you may experience disturbances in your throat. If you constantly holding back how you feel, or how you WANT to express yourself, you may develop a sore throat. The longer you ignore the lessons brought to you by this energy vortex, the more severe the disturbance in the physical body will become. The sore throat may turn into Strep throat and so forth.

When you learn the positive force of the lessons you experience, and can move the spirit forward, the energy of the chakra works with you instead of against you. A person who can speak their will, without negative comments, can become a wondrous singer, for instance.

How To Clear Chakra Energy:
Contrary to popular belief, hold or possessing a certain kind of crystal, lighting a particular colored candle or burning special type of incense will not clear the adverse energy in or around a chakra. The essence of the energy within the chakra is based in your spirituality. You have created the situations that are currently present in your life giving you opportunities to learn lessons. How would you be served if all you needed to do to clear that energy is run down to the neighborhood park and find a piece of crystal? The objects can help aid in your mission to learn, but they can't take it away.

If you'd like to work on clearing your chakras, then you need to look at what is present (and past) in your life and how that is being reflected in your chakra(s). The best way to move forward is to learn more about your true self. Use the tools and techniques to help you achieve your goal.

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