Of all the sections on my site, I have to say, creating this one was a true labor of love.  I had collected "Limited Edition Dolls" for over 18 years now by purchasing them for Birthdays and Christmas and giving them to each of my four grand daughters as gifts.  That means I have purchased over 120 dolls and thankfully,  the girls take very good care of them.   Hopefully, someday,  those Limited Edition dolls will be passed down to my "great-granddaughters".... (the first of which was born January 24, 2001.  Which means I can start buying her Christmas dolls too!  *Smile*)

Due to the fact that my shelves are empty of the dolls I have purchased,  I decided to create my own special collection here on the web. 

Please come back again!  I am in the process of moving Lady Starlite's Dolls to a new location so this section of her site is temporarily closed.


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