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Welcome to Afshin Naghouni and his world of art Afshin was born on August 29th 1969 in Tehran Iran. Eldest of four brothers.Schooled in Tehran, followed by university where he gained an honours degree in agriculture.Afshin had always had an interest in art since he was a child and his first attempt at an exhibition was very successful and lead Afshin taking up art full time.

Afshin in London March 2000

His second Exhibition was criticised as being too erotic, displaying material of an explicit nature. At this time in Iran this type of art was banned.Afshin arrived in England in 1997 seeking political asylum following an accident in Iran which left Afshin as a Tetraplegic (resulting in him being paralysed from below the chest down)


In November 1998 Afshin was granted Asylum and from then onwards he has returned to his art work within a residential home, Afshin has managed to display his woerk at two art exhibitions, one in Dartford the other in Bexley


Later this year Afshin hopes to be moving to his new flat in London where he intends to take up his art full time. Afshins art is mainly concentrated on figurines and nudes If you are intrested in his work and would like to see or know more, please Email ! Afshin will be holding an Exhibition of his work on 18 April 2001 in Horsey London. Full details to be included soon