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"Be not another if thou canst be thyself" (Paracelsus)__

The assessment of personality traits, family and environmental conditioning, to determine the potential for development and evolution of the individual, constitutes the main intent of most "Astrological investigations".

One of the most important elements of such investigations is the understanding of the planets' interaction and dynamics.

A planet will manifest its energies according to the sign position at birth. The area where these energies will manifest is the house position of the planet. An analogy will be a "Central stage", where the physical stage is "The house" and the acting actors are the "Planets".

The planets’ "Aspects" that is the way they interact, will determine the "Plot" of the play. A play, I must say, that includes the script of a complete, physical life time. For those people, including myself , who subscribe to the theory of reincarnation, the plot of the play will also describe other physical life times. The "Celestial distance" between planets, angles and points will determine if an aspect occurs between two "planetary energies".

An example would be a planet _x A in semisextile aspect to a planet at _xB (30x apart) and in opposition aspect to a planet at _x G (180x apart). When interaction occurs between two planetary energies, the type of interaction, will describe to the astrologer which dynamic manifestation is likely to occur.

The aspects between planetary energies are described in different terms by different Astrological Authors. "EASY, HARMONIOUS, CREATIVE, etc." or "HARD, DIFFICULT, CHALLENGING"

To facilitate understanding of the text, I will use, only the terms "harmonious" and "challenging".

A "harmonious "aspect will occur between planets that will share compatible elements' eg. _x A will be in trine aspect to all _x of the fire signs (120x) apart. A planet at _x Awill sextile planets at both _x C & _xK.(60x) apart.

A "Challenging" aspect will occur between signs sharing the same constitution (eg.AbG, both cardinal signs,BbH ,both fixed signs etc.180x apart) or ( A d J, both cardinal signs,BdE both fixed signs, 90x apart) etc.

Occasionally planets will form aspects between elements that do not share either compatible elements or the same constitution. eg. A planet at _x A will sextile a planet at 29x J although the elements are not compatible, (fire & earth) and the constitution is the same, as both are Cardinal signs. These aspects are called "dissociated". In my opinion, this occurrence, will provide the necessary discomfort, for this type of energy, to manifest as a conflict and the necessary understanding for possible spontaneous resolution.

An analogy describing a way to explain the difference in manifestation of "harmonious" and "challenging" aspects, would be the one that involves a very crowded room where the polluted air contributes to create sleepiness and discomfort amongst people present in the room. Those with "harmonious" aspects in their charts will fall asleep. Those with "challenging" aspects in their charts will stand up, walk to the window and by opening it, allow some fresh air to enter the room. One will require acceptance of the situation, the other will induce action.

When aspects of different types are coming together to form a sort of geometrical pattern, to which the conscious mind responds by free association; (eg. Three signs of the same element if we take the _x as point of reference will form a triangle of which each side will amount to an equal 120x ); we can talk in astrological terminology of: "MAJOR CONFIGURATION"

The scope of this paper is to present the reader with a view on the importance of the presence in both natal and transiting themes of "major configurations."

All my assessment will be based on the observation that the transiting sun will move from _x A to 360xL in a contiguous fashion, thus the very first "major configuration", will be possible when a planetary energy will conjunct _x C thus sextiles its starting position.

This first major configuration is known as a "MINOR GRAND TRINE". (Fig.1 appendix)As it can be appreciated by fig. 1, taking _x A as the apex planet this degree will sextile, both _xCand _xK , while _x C will trine _x K. The implications of a Minor grand trine are as follows: The sextile energy will include on the side of C the earthy Taurean component, on the side of K the Piscean component. The opposite Minor grand trine is formed by sextiles from _x G to _x I and _x E, being E and I in trine position. This Minor grand trine will include the Virgo component and the Scorpio component.

The key words, based on the above information, defining a "MINOR GRAND TRINE" are :"PRACTICAL MYSTICISM"

The pattern formed by the "minor grand trine" can be identified with a boat or the roof of a house. It tends to provide the individual with a deep curiosity about the mysteries of life and a thorough understanding of belief systems that are different from their own. The opportunities offered by the sextiles and the fulfilment promised by the trine can make this individual a practical seeker of

hidden treasures, being these treasures represented by the character of the pilot planet. In transit or progression any planet, angle or point, that is sextiling two planets in trine aspect, will potentially provide the individual with the means to develop the same qualities promised by the natal position. A planet, angle or point opposing the pilot planet in a "minor grand trine", will transform this configuration into a "KITE". I will discuss the characteristics of this configuration later. Transits and progressions to the midpoint of the sextiles (semi sextiles) will awaken a need for integration. Transits and progressions to the natal "pilot planet" will provide the individual with the means to develop and integrate the principals defined by that planet position.

From _x T to _xF and to _xH we have the possibility of another "major configuration" being Scorpio and Virgo in a sextile position, originating the "YOD or FINGER OF GOD". (Fig. 2 appendix)The "finger of God" expresses the dynamic of two inconjuncts aspects (150x) apart and one sextile. The conic pattern formed by "the finger of God" can be identified with the hat of the Magician and the Hour-Glass. For this major configuration to work positively a certain evolutionary standard must first be met.

The individual, with this pattern present in the natal chart, will be called to develop a great sense of individuality and self confidence.

This person may have to play the role of the rescuer and the victim, over and over again, until they develop an understanding of personal and collective service. In relating to others they will explore realms of experiences that are not understood at an ordinary level as it will include collective unconscious patterns of behaviour. He or she will have to meet inner standards rather than conform to social standards of behaviour. Because of this, the person will set in motion misunderstanding and aggressive responses, from the environment.

The hour-glass pattern formed by Apex _x G inconjuncting both _x L and _xB (fig.2) indicates a need to transcend the boundaries of personal love and values in order to share resources in an unconditional manner for the benefit of humanity.

The key words for this configuration are: "THE SPIRITUAL WARRIOR". Progressions and transits to the Hour-Glass pattern, the two opposite vertexes of the Magician hats will allow for the polarity to be integrated, this could manifest as a sudden change of direction in the individuals life.

From _xA we have the possibility of another major configuration " THE KITE". (Fig.3 appendix) This "major configuration" will include two sextiles, two trines and one opposition (Fig. 4 appendix) The key words for "THE KITE" are: "MILITANT INSPIRATION".

The pattern formed by "the kite" can be identified easily as a "kite"

For someone like myself, relating to the characteristics of a "kite" is not at all difficult. The "kite racing" was a traditional pastime in South America where I was brought up. The purpose of a kite is to fly high, while the direction is controlled by the skilfulness of the "participant". The height that the kite can reach will depend on many different factors. The quality of the paper, the lightness of the frame and the strength of the string operated by the "participant", together with the atmospheric conditions, must all be considered when participating in "kite racing".On an individual level a need to develop both knowledge and technical skills is indicated here. In the same way that the kite leaves the earth in its upward flight , people with this configuration will explore other realms of ideas, develop communication skills, and elevate themselves from the boundaries set by their materialistic demands. All of this, however, must be accomplished by maintaining a connection to practical, and therefore earthy considerations, indicated by the manoeuvring of the string from earth. Through the pivotal planet, the one in sextile to each and of the trine, they may experience the height of inspiration as well as the fear of loneliness and loss of control. The environment, will often try to block the need to fly high which this configuration expresses. This will create a great deal of tension, that has both the potential and creativity to be translated into positive action. A need for the individual to learn techniques both spiritual, mental and physical is expressed in this configuration. These individuals can be great teachers of humanity through both inspiration and militant application.

From _x Aonward we also have the possibility of three sextiles, the first one formed between A and C, the second between C and E, the third between E and G. These sextiles are connected by two trines A toE , and C to G and one opposition Ato G .

This major configuration has not been reported in any text books, it is of my own finding and I have called it :"THE TRAPEZE" (Fig. 4 appendix) the key words for this major configuration are: "PERFORMING COURAGE" I found this configuration prominent in charts of spiritual leaders either in its pure form or as a part of a complete "STAR OF DAVID" of which "the trapeze is only half. In Saint Francis of Assisi’s chart it holds a prominent position. He was known to promote his beliefs through songs and public theatrical performance, with tremendous courage against any opposition. The individuals with this configuration in their charts will find different avenues to promote their ideas and they will be original and unique in finding new ways of communication.

These individuals may be called to endure great physical hardship as their ideas will provoke conflicts and opposition from conservative groups that are not able to foresee the need for changes.

Like the trapeze performer they will have to develop extreme qualities of courage and balance in order to withstand the forthcoming conflicts.

From _xC we have the possibility of another "major configuration". "THE MYSTIC RECTANGLE".(Fig. 5 appendix). This configuration includes two trines, two sextiles and two oppositions. The pattern formed by the "mystic rectangle" can be defined as a "cut diamond".

The faces of the diamond can only be appreciated in the light. Individuals with this configuration will truly be "SEEKERS OF LIGHT" and in Astrology we have two lights which are called the luminaries "The Sun" the day light and "The Moon" the night light. The conflict originating between these complementary and yet different energies will present the individual with this configuration in the natal theme with a great dilemma. The negotiation between a need to shine and to be admired in a truly sunny expression, and a need for retreat and contemplation indicated by the lunar energy. Out of this negotiation some time we may encounter a person of great direction in life, or someone that will only manifest one facet of this polarity.

From _xC a planet will trine _xG being G in opposition to _xAwe have the possibility of another "major configuration": "THE EASY OPPOSITION. (fig. 6 appendix)

In this configuration we have the inclusion of a Taurean component and a strong air component. The pattern formed by "the easy opposition" can be identified with the sail of a boat without a keel. Progressions and transits to the semi sextile position _xB will supply this configuration with the missing keel.

The key words for "THE EASY OPPOSITION" are: "SKILFUL DETERMINATION" This configuration will provide individuals with a need to purposefully follow whatever attracts their attention. Individuals need to develop, communication , relating and technical skills, for this configuration to manifest positively. Subject to changes, both in atmospheric circumstances (strong winds of change) and environmental changes, it can take the individual very far, or no where. The development of a sense of balance and direction and the understanding of others people’s needs is essential for this configuration to work.

As the sun moves from _x A to _xD an opportunity for two major configurations occurs: "THE -T- SQUARE’ & "THE GRAND CROSS. (Fig.7 appendix ) The key word for the " T- Square" is "EMOTIONAL RELATOR" The "-T- Square" is involving a planet that will square both size of an opposition. As the first T square will involve a planet in _xD T squaring both _x 0A and _xG I like to call this particular T square, the "inferior T square". The next transiting stop, involved in making a T square, will be _xJ,T squaring both _xAand _x G. I like to call this T square the " superior T square".

The pattern formed by the "T square" can be identified as the Holy Grail .The dynamic of the T square will manifest as, a very subjective need to follow, with great determination, what makes the individual feel emotionally secure. The conflict will be manifesting as a need to relate emotionally in a very spiritual way while maintaining all the security structures around the self. The need to share one self completely, with another, without denying personal self-gratification, will be challenged, as it is very difficult to be generous and selfish, at the same time. As transiting and progressed planets will reach the degree of opposition to the Pilot planet a "grand square" major configuration will occur.

The first possible "grand square" will include _x of all cardinal signs. The key words for the "GRAND SQUARE" are: "COLLECTIVE RELATOR". (Fig.7 appendix)

The pattern formed by the "grand cross" can be identify as the first architectural structure of places of collective service. "Hospitals" where both a need to pay tribute to the Sponsor or Patron, and to heal the body and the spirit were met. The first Hospital buildings were designed in a "Cross -fashion" : four isles converging in the middle in a perfect Cross-shaped pattern. In the middle of the crossing an alter was built, so that the priest could perform rituals both propitiatory and worshipping. These rituals could be viewed by patients placed at the four arms of the cross.

The energy of the "grand cross", in order to be handled positively, needs to include the most complete surrender of ones personal ego-structures for the amelioration of the collective. When this energy is not well managed it can cause inner tensions that could seriously affect the mind.

From _x A we will be presented with three trines of 120x that will join the three fire signs AE I This major configuration is called : "GRAND TRINE". The pattern can define half of a five pointed star. (Fig .8 appendix ) Although it is not common to find a pure "grand trine". I feel that this major configuration, doesn’t always produce the effects that such creativity may promise. The need expressed here, because of lack of challenge from other aspects, may imply that the individual is not able to manifest, his or hers creativity, in an outward manner because of the lack of motivation in the environment. The key words here are :"INSPIRATION".



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