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We are excited to announce a restructuring of the ASA Management Committee,
now streamlined to effectively service member's needs better than ever.

Information about the
Australian Society of Astrologers Inc.

The Australian Society of Astrologers Inc. was born out of some very important astrological needs in today’s ever-changing economic and social climate. (ASA Inaugural Chart) The first and foremost of these needs was to set up more than one astrological society in this country that could help temper the monopoly problems that naturally stems from just a single organisation—as has certainly been the case. The ASA was formed by a group of dedicated astrologers who recognised the importance of such needs by setting up a society that, additionally, through much greater insight, flexibility and understanding, would allow anyone, novice, student or professional astrologer alike, to study, learn, teach and practice, but most importantly grow, in whatever astrological capacity they wish to as individuals. Therefore, a number of main issues needed to be uniformly addressed.

These were:

 An Australia-wide Society that very much caters to individual membership needs instead of elitists and other hierarchy type political ambitions
New examination systems designed with the student in mind that incorporating and offering greater choices and flexibility, but at the same time still meet with appropriate, up-to-date and exacting astrological criteria
New additional award systems — Certificates & Diplomas, etc. — that provide for various specialised areas in astrology such as, Cosmobiology, Hindu/Vedic astrology, Psychological astrology etc.
An open-minded and unbiased attitude towards all new expanding astrological awareness' and studies
An accurate and informative newsletter/magazine directed towards Society members "and" the general public that would incorporate, reflect and voice prevailing astrological trends within Australia as well as overseas.

Since incorporating Australia wide in June 1997, the Australian Society of Astrologers have achieved much in fulfilling the above-mentioned objectives — with the input and help from astrologers all over Australia we might add! Here is a breakdown:

 The ASA Structure
In setting up the Australian Society of Astrologers Inc., it was decided not to follow conventional guidelines, such as various state committees, as this seems to create too many politically motivated problems and tensions. Instead the emphasis has been to set up an ASA schooling system with each designated teacher as an ASA Representative. The various states throughout Australia will also each have, besides teacher/representatives, a State Representative. A National Media Representative will also be included Australia wide. All ASA Representatives therefore liase and correspond their activities to and with the ASA National Committee. As this is still early formation time as from the Libra Equinox of 1998, with only half of the various states represented so far, the ASA National Committee has decided to put this particular system on a two year trial basis. Although from all indications so far this particular structure seems to be working quite well.

 Recognition through "Specialised Diplomas"
There has been an increasing need, through public demand, that specialised areas be set up in astrology that cater to the specific needs of an individual clientele. As such it has become not only imperative but also fair and just that certain astrologers become recognised for their particular specialist efforts in astrology.

To date there are no set courses with the ASA for the various specialised areas of study and practice. However, there are various astrologers Australia wide who specialise in these particular areas, such as Cosmobiology, Hindu/Vedic astrology, Psychological astrology etc., who have been or will be consulted and have or will be asked to help set up specialised exams and reward systems. So in due course the ASA’s Examiners Board will most certainly be looking at incorporating these specialised areas into their examination system. We’ll keep you posted!

 "Official ASA Tutor"
The criteria here is for an astrologer to have at least the equivalent of the ASA Practitioners Certificate and to have had a minimum of twelve months teaching experience — to Certificate of Astrology level. So far all ASA approved teachers have been very carefully scrutinised and considered as to their teaching ability before having received their "Official ASA Tutor" certificate and have agreed to abide by the ASA’s syllabus and exam system.

 The ASA’s Newsletter/Magazine: The aim of the ASA is to provide an accurate and informative newsletter/magazine directed towards Society members and the general public incorporating, reflecting and voicing the prevailing astrological trends within Australia as well as overseas.
Currently, the ASA newsletter "The Australian Astrologer" is issued to members on a monthly basis. It is hoped that in the near future this can be increased to fortnightly, with a quality qquarterly magazine and yearly journal.



The Australian Society of Astrologers Inc., via its Examiners Board, now accept the qualifications of a number of other astrological bodies and organisations, including the FAA in Australia and the Mayo School of Astrology in England. However, we still need to inspect other astrological organisation's exam systems around the world. Still, if you have similar certificates & credentials which are on par with the ASA’s qualifications, please don’t hesitate to submit copies of these to our Examiners Board, who, provided the certification meets with the required standards, may award the equivalent ASA Certificate/s and/or Diplomas.
Current cost for each of these is $25-00 Australian.