So, does Dr. Laura know or care about Artd-l?

This is an interesting question that has been pondered at length here, mostly by Jakthhmmr:

STOOPID PUKES! Morons have NO effect on Dr. Laura. ~Jak

NOTHING morons say effects Dr. Laura. ~ Jak

But hearts filled with joy one day when Otis, our Fearless Re-Capper, proclaimed:


... Laura just said so!  I'm not kidding!  Listening to the live feed right now.  She said there is someone on the internet who has no life and listens to every bit of the show emailing people back and forth about the show.  I'll do the rare thing and actually transcribe what she said when they put the archive up.

 She knows I'm out there!  WHOOHOO!  She has people watching.  Hi, Laura. ~Otis


But then Ted the Cruel had to point out that Dr. Laura said this person was a woman, so Ruth wrote:

Well yes Ted, that was certainly what I heard too....but the rest of the description certainly seems to fit Otis (not the part about no life, Otis, really).  As I thought about it, I thought it really hard to believe that DeepNeptune would have missed a LauraLink of those proportions in his quest to catalogue all the links on the net for us.(great job too, deep  these should all be in the FAQ).  So I have come to a couple of conclusions....  

1) Deep has missed a REALLY BIG LINK..... and some person with a really negative attitude towards DL has never shown up here (you would think that they would advertise in a post here that they had a site)  and this place was the first place that showed up when I netsearched DL two years ago..(my has it really been that long?) 


 2) Laura misunderstood that the person was a woman (she WAS off on one her rants about how petty, yadda, yadda, women are when she brought this up.) It certainly fits with her opinion of women and her opinion that men ARE NOT like this.


3) Laura deliberately substituted a woman for a man for one of two reasons....either it fit better with her point (see above)  or she was trying to camouflage the reference somewhat.

Therefore, there are some things we can do....we can set off on a netsearch to try to find a woman's site that is as negative as she seems to suggest in order to prove or disprove the first point

The only site I can think of that reaches anywhere near the proportions of this place and OTIS (and fits anywhere near DL's description) is Dr. Tim's site ....and he is a man too. ~Ruth


Causing Pope St. Dr. Charlie speculate:

It may have happened this way:

DL: "Otis? What the shit kind of bum names his kid Otis? And what kind SKANK would make a baby with and then let the bum name it OTIS? When I was a little girl the other kids used to pick on me all the time because my mother wasn't Jewish."

Handler: "Um, Dr. Laura, um, Otis probably isn't his real name. Lots of people use nicknames on the net to protect their privacy."

DL: "No! LISTEN TO ME! It's because they're cowards! They're evil people trying to destroy me, and evil people are cowards. I'm writing a book on everyday evil and I have a whole chapter on cowards, like the media who wouldn't show up for my APA announcements. I bet this Otis isn't even a man at all. Men aren't like that. Only women are that petty and obessed with every little detail that they would listen to each and every little call and e-mail a summary to each other, picking on every little insignificant detail. Men have better things to do with their time like watching other men drive cars in circles around racetracks or  throw a, what do you call those things?...Deryk had one once...a BALL, yeah those things...throw balls to each other. Men like doing stuff like that. No, this Otis has to be a woman. He's probably a lesbian too. Lesbians hate me because I'm such a babe. They're only lesbians because they're fat and ugly and no man would touch them, just like that PIG who wrote all those lies about me in Vanity Fair. They're just jealous, that's all."

Handler: "Yes, you're right Dr. Laura. That makes perfect sense. You're always so right about these things."


3) Laura deliberately substituted a woman for a man for one of two reasons....either it fit better with her point (see above)  or she was trying to camouflage the reference somewhat.

Since she's already potentially facing one libel lawsuit, maybe she thinks this is a clever way to protect herself from another. 

~Dr. Charlie


So I figure she gets somebody to read it for her once in a while, but I doubt if whoever that is tells her the really good stuff. Which is a shame.