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Rundown on PBS schedule: (20 Jan 1999)

Norm Abrams and Steve Thomas renovate an older home on "This Old House".
John Bradshaw discusses the dysfunctional family on "This Old Souse".
Learn how to make quilts from clothing scraps on "This Old Blouse".
Julia Child discusses cooking wild game on "This Old Grouse".
A history of computer technology on "This Old Mouse".
Laura Schlessinger discusses troubled relationships on "This Old Louse".
Changes in New Orleans department stores are the subject of "This Old Kraus".
The history of the waltz is discussed in "This Old Strauss".
Historical murder mysteries are the subject of "This Old Klaus*".

*von Bulow

Suggested by a friend:
Fire safety is the subject of "This Old Douse".

Adapted from suggestions by the same friend:
Bargaining with the Devil as a theme in Southern literature is the subject of
"This Ol' Faus' ".
Visit the Texas Renaissance Festival in "This Ol' Jous' ".

I forgot these:
The three tenors sing opera favorites in "This Old Fledermaus".
"High school physics is the subject of This Old Gauss".
Dr. Ruth talks about keeping the magic alive in your marriage on "This Old

Ellen, who has way too much time on her hands since her in-laws went home.

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