Just another Pointless Call..., by Killjoy (1996/08/15)  

Dr. Laura:
I'm Dr. Laura, our phone number is 1-800-DR-LAURA. Hello, Phillip!
Welcome to the program! Phil. Phil? Phil, are you there?

Yes, Dr. Laura. Thank you for taking...

Dr. Laura:
Yes, Phil, OK. Now let's get to the point, already. Isn't there a
reason you called today? Tell me why you called today.

Uh, OK... Well, my wife and I have been married for fourtee..

Dr. Laura:
You're having marital problems, aren't you Phil? You and your wife have
been together quite some time, and you're having problems, aren't you?
This is not a healthy relationship right now. You can't go on like this
with your wife.

Um, yeah. You see, we've been having trouble communicating. When I go
to tell her how...

Dr. Laura:
Phil, what we don't need is a whole bunch of examples of your problems.
What all this boils down to is that you're having trouble communicating
with your wife, aren't you?. You want to find a solution to this, but
you don't know how, do you? You're feeling guilty about talking to
other women, and you're afraid that she thinks that you're coming on to
them. You can't let her go on feeling this way, Phil.

Well, she doesn't think that. It's just that every time I talk to my
wife, she...

Dr. Laura:
OK, I got it. You're afraid she's not going to listen to you, Phil,
aren't you? Look, Phil, you've got to feel that what you're saying to
your wife is worthwhile, worth listening to. You've got to make sure
that what you're saying is worth listening to. Once you get that part
down, you can talk to her at will.

But I only want to know how to share...

Dr. Laura:
You'd better talk to your wife, Phil. You'd better talk to her today.
I really think you'd better deal with this immediately. Today, Phil.
Talk to her right now. Don't let this wait another minute. OK, Phil?
You need to talk to your wife, and you need to do it right now. Waiting
is not going to make this any better, Phil. You're going to talk to
your wife, and you're going to do it right now. That's the only way you
can solve this problem, to put this trouble behind you for good. And
that's what any of us wants, isn't it? To put our troubles behind us?

But what the prob... <click>

Dr. Laura:
I'm Dr. Laura Schlessinger, my number is 1-800-DR-LAURA, give me a call
right now. Our fax number is... etc.

Killjoy <killjoy@norden1.com>

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