Thanks for taking the time to explain your reasons for not getting married. I was with my ex-boyfriend for 14 1/2 years, so I know all about taking one's personaly resposibilities seriously without some religious leader or the state telling you you have to be serious.
But now, if I was to be serious again I'd want to be married. Maybe it's just because I've never been married. That could be. But, Random, don't you worry, I'd never have that hideous white-dress, death til you part bullshit. Any bride who wears a white dress is a fool.
Actually, if I get married (this won't surprise anyone), it will be a black dress affair. I like black, so why not? I would love to be married in the woods, under a big, beautiful redwood tree, or a huge pine, in the middle of a deep, green forest. Swords optional.



I love your "dream wedding", Martha. Why? Because it would be true to your real self.
I hate the whole white dress and veil thing. If I ever get married I want to wear a champagne colored silk chantung tea-length ball skirt with a champagne colored cashmere sweater set.
I can easily live without the big Catholic ceremony and huge country club reception. My parents got that when my sister got married. I'd rather have a simple civil ceremony and then drinks and hors d'ouevres at the Hi-Hat, one of my favorite cocktail lounges. Afterward, we can all go out dancing at Mad Planet.
Golightly Grrl
Who finds most weddings "hilarious"

For my first wedding, I wore a dress I made myself with $15 worth of materials. It was white, with blue flowers.  My Mom was shocked that it was not all white.  You would have thought it had big scarlet A's on it or something. I think I posted about my second wedding dress.  It was a crocheted dress I bought in Zimbabwe from a roadside peddler for the equivalent of $12 US, and I wore it four times as a party dress before getting married in it.  I can be seen in it at:
Wedding excesses are not really required by etiquette.  A simple ceremony followed by a reception at which one serves cake and punch is perfectly proper. For that matter, a private ceremony attended only by the bride, groom, and required witnesses is perfectly proper. 
Actually, thas is what I wanted for my second wedding: a private ceremony, followed by the honeymoon, followed by a party for our friends in our own home on our return.  My MIL, however, was not happy at that idea because she wanted her friends at the wedding, and I decided that starting off my married life with a big fight with MIL would not be smart.  I've managed to avoid big fights with her ever since, although there has been the occasional small skirmish.

For both marriages (geez that sounds weird)  I wore suits, it was a courthouse occasion. <G>
Anyway, the second time, an off white tailored (I don't do frill) suit with a lace, see through back, matching hat, gloves and shoes.
Classy I thought...we took the money we saved and used a down payment on a brand new house.  Now *that's* romantic.


I wore a black mini-dress and a vintage veil from a thrift shop.(The judge wore black, also, so it was a nicely color-coordinated ceremony) I met my "maid of honor" ten minutes before the ceremony and haven't seen her since.  It was really fun, but my parents were terribly hurt, and I don't think my dad's completely over it.
I'd like to re-new our vows someday, and have a huge flowery affair for my mom and dad. This time, I'd wear a big frothy white princess dress with a train a mile long.
My three boys would be best man, ring bearer, and flower-boy.
Yeah...and we'll have a clown, and pony rides...Shriners...

My wife and I had our wedding in our house.  The ceremony was conducted by a minister we picked out of the yellow pages.  The fanciest part of the wedding was the bow tie we rented for the dog.  This should guarantee that we're together for life.

Martha wrote: Any bride who wears a white dress is a fool.

I wore ivory.  Do I get credit for just being silly?
Also married a guy in a tux.
...and had bridesmaids, but they wore $12 shoes and $30 dresses that didn't have huge bows on the butt, so they really CAN be worn again.


My wife wore blue.  Maybe she was depressed.


I'd be depressed, too, if I were marrying Rush Limbaugh's engineer.  Not to mention president of the Pauly Shore fan club.


Would you like to be drowned in a vat of milk chocolate, or a vat of semi-sweet chocolate?


I'm not allowed to have chocolate, for medical reasons.
Mit der Dummheit kämpfen Götter selbst vergebens.

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