A Brief History of Yours Sincerely (as at April, 2003)

Alwyn Lau was born in the bustling town of Petaling Jaya in Selangor, Malaysia on Valentine’s Day in 1975.  Endowed naturally with huge doses of melancholy, stuttering, shyness, hyper-sensitivity to bad memories/experiences (not sure how I handled life with my ‘condition’, but then again when I’m weak, He’s more than strong enough, *smile*), he has a lot of trouble making new friends (except those just as initially quiet as he is), is crazy about books (i.e. can’t get enough of contemporary theological writings, digs most of Rushdie’s works and almost anyone with an unconventionally beautiful writing style), can’t live without e-mail, loves puppies, is suspicious/cautious of ‘new things’ in life (can’t explain this too well), and thinks that kungfu-fighting scenes from Jackie Chan movies are some of the most creative artistic expressions ever(!).


Wasn’t really a sports dude, though jogging and tennis keep the flab at bay (somewhat, hehe).  Nevertheless soccer ‘magic’ still grips me (the footwork of the likes of Maradona and Gascoigne are, IMO, pure wizardry).  Played chess a lot previously, though I went a bit crazy with openings like the Center-Counter, King’s and Budapest Gambit; my rationale was that if I played ‘wild’ openings with minimally studied theory – compared to the immensely documented moves related to, say, the Sicillian Defense, Queen’s Gambit, etc. - my [usually well-read] opponents probably couldn’t gain a upper-hand solely on the basis of being more knowledgeable of chess openings than I was), all of which probably anticipates my later convoluted-ness, complicated-ness and just plain messiness in theology, in the job, in life…*tired smile*.


Was baptized as an infant in a Lutheran church but lived on shallow, ‘borrowed’ faith until 18, when life weighed too heavily on the shoulders of my self-made world, breaking me down, forcing me to my knees.  From this time on, “Our hearts will never find rest until they find their rest in God” (or something to that effect, *smile*) would be a constant life-motto (though, unfortunately, not a consistently practiced one, sigh).  Faith would no longer be an ‘only if convenient’ thing, and my Spirit-bonded family from Luther House Chapel would always be a source of life lessons, robust fellowship and loving critique.


Got married on March 15th, 2003 to Chrissie, my wife, friend and patient critic(!).  See our wedding photos here (offsite).


Did a B.Sc in Economics (Hons) External from London School of Economics (LSE) after which I started my first ‘real’ job in Cap Gemini Ernst & Young Consulting (formerly known as Ernst & Young Management Consultants) as a Research Associate in 1997.    Quit CGEY in Jan 2001 and spent nearly 10 months in Singapore with Silverlake Systems, during which I enrolled in a Bachelor of Divinity (BD) (again external; times are tough, sigh) program with Heythrop, London (am loving every minute of it).  Hopped ship to Connectif Commerce for one year and in 2003 joined Fairview International School as a teacher cum researcher.


Volunteered for the Drugs & Prisons Department of Malaysian Care for a few months in 2002 (when I managed to negotiate a 3-day/wk thinggy with me boss).  Couldn’t sustain this and went back to full-time consulting work at a project in Jakarta.  Am still thinking through all of this: maybe I just don't have enough 'heart' power to sustain me in the ministry; maybe God knows that the best area of contribution for me now would be through giving (and so is making available the means through which I can be more generous); maybe God knows I'm only half-committed to Him (maybe less than half); maybe God isn't done with me in 'secular work' yet, wants to teach me more; maybe God is simply answering my prayer to boost my finances(!); maybe He has some specific people He wants me to reach out to.  Maybe.


Well, now that you know a bit more about the Webmaster dude here, he’d be most obliged for a prayer or two…that Al (weird, ‘unstable’, eccentric but – hopefully – passionate about his God and life) continues to acknowledge the love, power and truth of Jesus Christ in his heart, and shine it out to the many other hearts he touches each day.



Alwyn Lau

April 2003

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