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Are you a decisive person who prefers to make your trips to Hawaii tax deductible? Buy this vacation retreat as an investment. Tropical breezes, warm soft nights. A retreat for when you'd rather see the canopy of stars in the night sky without the distraction of glaring resort lights. A retreat for when you'd rather hear the birdsong without hotel clatter. Come discover the real power of Hawaii.

One acre with 3 bedroom, 2 bath, fee simple one story house with upscale features. In Hawaiian Paradise Park which borders Pacific Ocean. The cooler side of the Big Island - the Island of Hawaii. A retreat on the way to Asia.

Some of the quality design features include:

Outdoor features include:

General Resources:

Can be yours in a matter of days. House about 20 years old. Including house, roofed carport, etc, total 2328 sq. ft. on one full acre. $275,000 . Additional adjacent acre available for $40,000. Cash sale.

Ancient Hawaiian warriors walked this land. This is where you will discover the real power of Hawaii. Aloha!


See photos at Front Swing View, Pictures from House, More Pictures from House