The Whispering Hollows of the Heart
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The Whispering Hollows of the Heart

Due to a tragic car accident, which left her parents dead, Amanda Barnes is orphaned at the age of six. She lives in foster homes until at age twelve she goes to live with her grandmother.

Young Amanda is beautiful, witty and fresh out of high school. While out with her best friend, Amanda meets a man--Tom Richards. Handsome and available, Tom instantly falls in love with Amanda and she with him. No holds are barred as she enjoys her first real romance. She is ready to break the good little girl rule that she was taught as a child, so she can follow her heart. But she discovers that someone is keeping close tabs on her...but why?

During the course of the summer, Amanda is faced with dilemmas that will turn her world upside-down. Amanda and Tom believe that life in their new house in Whispering Hollows is perfect until Tom's boss dies and he inherits the company. Soon they discover that someone is out to get revenge on one or both of them.

Can they find out who it is and what they are after? Or will tragedy strike as the stalker is hot on their trail? In the Whispering Hollows of the Heart, a devious plan unwinds, where death may be the only solution!

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Dakota Stevens

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