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A Collection Of Short Stories And Articles


Richard A. Distasi

and others


"Rosenkreutz"... (37 Pages)

"The Lion Of The Sun"...(5 Pages)



"Human Thinking and Divine Will: A Reversal"...(1 Page)

"The Mary Question"...(1 Page)

"The Voice of Mary"...(1 Page)

"The Gospel of ST. John Review"...(1 page)

"Blackholes and N.D.E.s"...(1 page)

"A Short Treatise on The Holy Trinity"...(1 page)

"A Letter to Mark Robertson/Texas Death Row Inmate"...(1 page)

"A Treatise on Living Thought" by Massimo Scaligero...(1 page)

"A Letter to Bruno Abrami: Living Thought and the I AM."...(1 page)

"The Son of Man and the Cosmic Christ" by Oskar Kurten (1886-1973)...(1 page)

"A Review of Oskar Kurten's Article"...(1 page)

"Soldiers and Pacifists"...(1 page)

"The Inner Development of Man" an excerpt from a lecture by Rudolf Steiner...(1 page)

"The Fleeing Youth: The Cosmic Aura of Christ"...(1 page)

"The Parousia of Christ in 1933-1945"...(1page)

"Touch Me Not! The Soul of Mary Magdalene and the Body of Christ" by Gerald Palo...(1 page)

"The Apostles and the Cosmic Aura of Christ"...(1 page)

"Judas and Lazarus/John"...(1 page)

Excerpt from Georg Kuehlewind's 'Awareness and Devotion'; translated by Mark Robertson
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