There is a whole new section of my site about depression and self injury. Something i want to raise awareness about. It is Called

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         Awww, come on - you'd miss it if i didn't write anything!
Well as it happens i have an announcement to make.
I have recieved letter of conformation of the publishing of my poem Abyss in an anthology of 35 poems by 16-18 year olds from the US, Canada and the Uk.


"Never put a sock in a toaster, never put jam on a magnet, never put your granny in a bag, never suck all the juice out of a vampire, never lean over on tuesdays" IWANNA HEAR IT! .... be patient it may take a minute to load.

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Anyone remember those Cartoons you used to watch as a kid - well did anyone watch the 'Wuzzles'? Characters which were made up of two different animals, ButterBear (Bear cross Butterfly) BumbleLion .. Eleroo? You don't? Go Here to jog your memory!!

Ok, Perhaps you were a fan of the Fraggles? Lovable Guys who lived underground and had great red hair! .. the theme tune was sang in playgrounds across the country! if you need a quick reminder then Listen to the tune!

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