Any potentially embarassing photos lurking on your hard drive?? I will look after them!

Failing that give them to me and i can scan them in. Yes, your chance to embarrass everyone by sending me pictures of them to put on the web!

Can we say "revenge" boys and girls??

Read the captions and click on the icon to the left to see the picture. YES, they may take a while to load - some of them are very big files. Be patient.

Last Day Of term, Katt, Lizzie, Jay & Manda Credit goes to Gareth for this picture

"just a little bit tipsy" she said .. yes Lizzie

Lucy "doing a James" as she put it ...

Lizzie: Highly recommended viewing!!

Paint fumes getting to you are they Katt?

Sarah; 'the juice is mine .. you can't take it from me.. please!'

Manda: oh a picture perfect choir girl was i in my youth!

Laura-Jayne Wardly as you've never seen her before (worth a look!)

Manda in a French Maid outfit. (Oh i kid you not!)

Just a rather amusing pic of Miss Carpenter and Miss Bodnick

Manda: hair in bunches, wearing pink? awww!

Manda: Like a caged animal ..