Alone in my prison, these four walls,
A candle flickers and dies.
The cold, harsh, darkness, my only company,
I hand my head to cry.
I cannot see, I cannot feel,
The void consumes me whole.
In my madness I stop to laugh
At the irony of it all.
Blindly i fumble for a match,
A light, some warmth, a flame,
And finally when it strikes
He blows it out again.
Reaching out into the darkness
Stepping nearer the abyss
Crying out up to the Heavens
"Is there nothing more than this?"
Decision made, I've got to go
I reach out for the only door.
The door they say leads to God himself,
The key to life forever more.
But just before I make the journey
From one world to the next
I feel a hand pulling me back
Away from the edge

I turn to face the figure
Who saved me from dispair,
Who gave me keys to other doors
I never knew were there.

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