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Making Materials In Bryce 4

First thing you'll need to do is make your texture.
Using your favorite paint program, open a new image that is 250 X 250.
Apply any filters that you like to achieve your texture.
Save your texture. (I save mine as a JPG).

Now open your Bryce program

Create a cube

Enlarge it if you like so you can see it better.

Go into your materials Editor (this is the little "M" to the right of your cube).

Click on the little circle to the right of "Diffuse".

Your screen should now have a new box over on the right.

Click on the "P" under the first box. This is the "Image Texture" button.

Now click on the button directly above the "P". This is the "Texture Source Editor".

Your screen should now look like this:

Click the word "Load" located above the first square.

Now find the texture that you saved earlier and open it. Your screen should now look like this, except showing your texture not mine LOL!

Click the word "Copy" located under the first square, then click the word "Paste" located under the second square.

When the window pops up asking if you're sure you want to delete, click "Delete".
Click the check mark when finished.

Click the little circle to the right of "Ambient" and "Bump Height".
Play with the slider to the left of the Bump Height until you get the look you desire.
Click the check mark when finished.

Click the arrow to the right of the word "Edit".

Now you need to choose a category that you want to add your texture to. I usually just add mine to "User". To do this, just click on the word "User".

If you would like a different shape for your preset, click the arrow under the preview box and choose the shape you want.

We're almost done! :)

Click the word "Add" and give your preset a name and description.

Click the checkmark on the preset box and the materials box.

Your preset will now show up every time you open your presets.

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