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Kelly's MDA Summer Camp Adventures :-)

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone that has visited my web site over the years. Because I am no longer visiting summer camp every year, I no longer have new pictures to post on the web site. However, the web site will stay up so that people may look at previous years as well as other information that can be beneficial to those with neuromuscular diseases. Thank you once again!

I am a new member on facebook, so if you'd like, please check out my page (Kelly's Facebook page)so if you are visiting this web site after seeing my profile or the link I posted, I thank you.

I have included a link to other Muscular Dystrophy summer camp web sites created by counselors or campers. Visit this link to look at other wonderful web sites! Enjoy!

Click on a link below to see the following:

MDA Camp Photos
Blast From the Past (2003)
Star Spangled Summer (2002)
Hawaiian Luau (2001)
Hollywood Stars (2000)
Medievil Times (1999)
Grease (1998)
Various themes (1992 - 1997)
More various themes (1992 - 1997)
Remembering Our Friends

MDA Organization and Camp Information
MDA Holiday Party 2003 pics
MDA Holiday Party 2002 pics
Upcoming Events -- NEW
MDA Telethon 2001
My Personal Page
MDA Holiday Party 2000 pics
Camp Information
The Official MDA Website

Miscellaneous Info
Cough Machine from Emerson - Please read
Kelly's favorite Orlando theme parks


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