A cursory glance through the UFO press continuously yields a never-ending supply of sighting reports from around the world. Some incidents are 'mysterious lights in the sky' occurrences, while others are better documented by virtue of the fact that more substantial evidence presents itself, such as ground traces, multiple witnesses, witness statements from police or military personnel, military, civilian, or commercial pilots and aircrew testimony , still or video photography, radar echoes and so on.
However, one noticeable thing about these sightings, landings, alleged abductions, etc, is that until recently, none of those reported (or the few that were) came from Ireland.
Since the establishment of the IUFOPRA INFORMATION NETWORK 6 years ago, and the interest generated by people at home and abroad with regard to Irish UFO sightings, we have produced this report in response to the many requests that we have received over the years.
Anyone who is new to the subject and not affiliated either to ourselves or to any research organisation, should we feel, be told just how many UFO incidents are being reported annually. We believe it right to put forward the case for the possibility of UFOs, no matter where they may originate. We do not advocate any particular theory as to the origins of UFOs but we do believe that the phenomenon should be taken seriously in this country and studied and researched with and unbiased and scientific approach.
Also included in this update are new reports, which we have received within the last two years since the original status report was published. It is hoped that this new updated report will help any newcomer to the subject make up his or her own mind about the subject.
Needless to say, we have often received UFO reports many weeks or months - even years after the actual events occurred. These situations are impossible to 'investigate' as such, without having a firm idea of the date and time of the events, weather details etc, . Nevertheless, we have included what we consider to be the most reliable accounts, having interviewed virtually all the witnesses at length about their sighting reports, including members of An Garda Siochana, the Irish Police Force. Also, in several cases where the exact date and times of the sightings were known, we checked with our contacts in local ATC centres to look for more conventional explanations. Any sightings that they could not account for on radar will be included here. When investigating all UFO reports, (or paranormal incidents) generally, one must always be wary of hoaxes. In this regard, we screen all reports made to us as carefully as is humanely possible! If any have slippe through the net, then all we can say in our defence , is that any pranksters involved will not have their names published by us, as all witnesses - whether genuine or not receive anonymity in our publications. The only exception being a situation in which someone's name is already in the public domain through the mass media and willingly told their experiences to the world at large.


Before delving into personal sighting reports from our files, received over the years from around the country, it is appropriate to look, first of all, at UFO reports being carried by the Irish media - printed and otherwise - over the past few years.
The main sources of printed UFO stories in the Republic of Ireland would appear to be the popular daily tabloid, "The Star", and the Irish editions of the popular UK Sunday papers, "The People" and "News of the World". However, one should bear in mind that the majority of these newspapers do not, and never will, in our opinion take the UFO Phenomenon seriously enough to warrant it the respect it deserves and many sensationalise these stories for entertainment purposes only and of course to sell their newspapers.
That said however, the most interesting article to appear in The Star in recent times was a piece about a spate of UFO sightings along the Northern Ireland border. The article appeared in the Saturday, April 13th, 1996 edition, and related the then latest incident which had occurred a month earlier in the area of Dromintree.
Here, a driver spotted - in broad daylight - a bright light behind his car. The object pulled up along side his left-hand side and then darted in and out of the trees at considerable speed. Other sightings were reported from Armagh City and across South Armagh (and one of these sightings reports was detailed on a news programme on BBC Northern Ireland TV). Local people, used to military activity in the area, insisted that the objects they saw were not British Army helicopters, or signals activity, and some people have associated the objects with a cattle mutilation some time earlier in the Camlough area - reported on elsewhere by ourselves.
"The People", meanwhile, periodically, publish UFO-related material, mainly about UK incidents, or the phenomenon in general. However, in October 1996, it ran the story of a terrifying close encounter which five holidaymakers from Hampshire experienced while driving towards Killarney, Co Kerry. Their car was "buzzed" by an oval object with lights around it.
Visibility was very good on the night in question, and all five people are used to seeing all manner of aircraft, as they live only four miles from an RAF base. We contacted The People reporter, who covered this story, asking him to let the witnesses know that we were investigating UFO reports from the Kerry area around the same time as their harrowing ordeal - late July. In other incidents, lights were seen darting around the sky all over South Kerry. Local radio station, Radio Kerry 97FM, was swamped by telephone calls concerning these lights. "The Star" ran this story, and in response to our query, the radio station told us that it was a night club laser display. However, no night club ever said that they were using lasers, and these lights were seen many, many miles from night-clubs, disco bars, etc. We were told that the local Garda(police) stations did not receive worried calls nor were Knock or Shannon Airports consulted. We thus left that situation rest for awhile, but then, in January of 1997, we heard of an upsurge of UFO activity not just in Kerry, but in south-west Ireland in general, which had been ongoing for several months.As of this writing our Regional Officer for this area has uncovered some new reports since July of this year and these are included in the new updated version of this report.
Indeed, the south-west of Ireland frequently appears to be something of a focal point for UFO activity in the Republic of Ireland.As long ago as 1993, RTE Radio aired a popular weekly science programme called "Light Years Ahead, which reported that a considerable amount of UFO sighting reports in the area began to surface as well as alleged alien abduction episodes.Since that time, we have had some witnesses coming forward and claiming to have had an alien abduction experience. These investigations are currently ongoing ,and until such time as our investigations draw to a satisfactory conclusion, and because of the sensitivity attached to these reports we will refrain from making any further comments, while at the same time remaining open-minded about them. Similarly, rumours of local unexplained cattle mutilations have yet to be substantiated. (We hope to publish a "CATTLE MUTILATIONS IN IRELAND" report in the near future). In May of 1996 newspapers reports told of how UFOs had been observed hovering over the Shrine at Knock, Co Mayo, an extremely popular religious pilgrimage site, which attracts visitors not just from the British Isles, but from further afield as well. One is struck by the thought that the discs observed wished to be seen by a large gathering of people, similar to what is undoubtedly the situation over Mexico City, since July 1991 and which is still ongoing today. It is also interesting that a renowned religious site should host such a remarkable occurrence, bringing to mind a very similar situation in Brazil recently. Unfortunately,from the point of view of research, the Knock report was quite typically of the media in general; details were sketchy, follow-up interviews with eye-witnesses were non-existent, while no attempt was made (or certainly not published) to glean and further details from airport radars, local Garda authorities, weather stations, and so on. UFOs, are apparently, still and oddity to the media and a subject which will certainly catch the eye on newstands but which should not be delved into too deeply or indeed taken seriously at all. This point was made clear to IUFOPRA when, after reports of the appearance of a glowing UFO in the Dublin/Wicklow Mountains -which was reported to local Garda Stations - in the Spring of 1996, we received no response whatsoever when we wrote to the Editors of the papers that carried this story, seeking further details on the incident, and offering to meet any costs incurred searching their back issues and microfiche archives for previous UFO related reports and photos.
On the positive side , however, at least the subject is at last, gaining a few column inches now and again. For example, in August 1996, "The Irish Sun" carried a report of an alleged UFO landing, on a farm in Co Kildare, after which soil samples were taken from the landing site by a local archaeologist (who was not an Accredited UFO INVESTIGATOR) an associate of the farmer. (Unfortunately this is what we are up against most of the time - it seems that people prefer to report such incidents to the paper rather than get IUFOPRA involved, nor do they have any desire to share any necessary relevant data with us - it is one of these things that we have to put up with but it makes our investigation so much more difficult and in some cases can be very frustrating trying to get information from people who,for whatever reason best known to themselves, will not share the information with us or with any other interested parties). Strangely, for what could have been very important case, no large Irish daily or evening paper ran this story, to the best of our knowledge. When the story appeared, the first question to be asked was "why land on a farm of all places?". That question will probably be never answered but the prospect looms that an animal abduction/mutilation could have been on the agenda, similar to the incidents we have reported on from Wexford and Armagh. Not to be overlooked, however, is the fact that, in the following November "The Star" told how several townspeople in Athy observed a "huge hovering orange object"? If this was a return to the area by the same craft, or a craft with the same origins, the relatively close proximity of military installations might have a bearing. Close by lies the Curragh military camp, while to the North-East along the N7, lies the military aerodrome at Baldonnel, home of the Irish Air Corp. Operating from here, is the Naval Support Squadron, some of whose personnel encountered a UFO while flying a Dauphin helicopter to Finner Camp in south Donegal, during the UFO "flap" over these islands on the night of March 30th/31st 1993. This flap DID receive front-page coverage, and will be detailed elsewhere in this report.
As far as Irish national television is concerned, it is unfortunate that RTE have not, to date, given much air time to the subject. Although they have transmitted repeats of paranormal/UFO related programmes such as "Arthur C.Clarke's Mysterious World" and ........."Mysterious Universe", there has been virtual silence on the topic as far as home produced programming is concerned. Whatever the inevitable cost considerations may be in documentary commissioning, one would have thought that UFO incidents might at least receive some coverage on news reports. Not a bit of it, however, until one of their own newsreaders was interviewed after he had witnessed for himself the unusual lights that were seen in the sky on that memorable night in March 1993. Apart from the UFO discussions on the aforementioned RTE Radio programme "Light Years Ahead", their two national radio channels have also been remarkably quiet on the topic. Even RTE Kerry refused to answer our queries concerning UFO reports in their area in the Summer of 1996. That said, however, some local stations have actively joined the deabate by having 'phone-in'discussions programmes on not just UFOs, but other aspects of Paranormal experiences, such as haunted houses, poltergeist activity. Credit should go to NEAR FM105 and FM104 in Dublin.


Combing through our UFO files, it is extremely difficult to decide the best way in which to present them; as mentioned earlier, many reports- almost all written, though some were related to us verbally -were lodged with us some time after the events actually occurred. Thus, for example, one 1991 report actually refers to an incident which occurred in the early 70s, while a 1992 report told us of a UFO event only months earlier. Therefore, it would be difficult to put every report in chronological order, either going by the (sometimes-undermined) dates of the experiences themselves, or by the dates on which the reports of these experiences were filed with us. As our paper files and data base are both primarily kept in alphabetical order of the witnesses' names, it is not at all surprising that many descriptions of craft and geographical locations in the country recur again and again. After considering these factors, the most workable solution is to attempt to divide up and categorise cases according-as much as possible-to the county in which the events are reported to have taken place. One might expect that,going by population alone, Dublin would generate more UFO reports than anywhere else. Even more so, given the capital's close proximity to airports and the resulting, inevitable situations where aircraft lights are mistaken for something more mysterious in the skies. Dublin does, indeed, provide us with a steady stock of reports, but it is WICKLOW which has provided some of the most interesting and best reports of the 1980s and 1990s.
This country has been referred to , in the work of Jacques Vallee, as a hotspot for unusual activity going back many years. In recent times, as mentioned earlier, newspaper reports told of local garda stations being notified about a UFO sighted by several motorists near the well known Sugar Loaf Mountain. The newspapers did not give the exact date of this occurrence, but on March 1st 1996, a source close to IUFOPRA, was driving in the locality, when he witnessed "hovering disc" over his car, which then shot away. It was an unnerving experience for the man involved, and for his wife and young children, whose planned drive in the country air had such a bizarre end. Two other incidents immediately come to mind when dealing with Wicklow, both of which come from extremely reliable sources and both of which had quite disturbing follow-on events of an equally baffling nature. The first case actually occurred just over the Wexford border, around 1980, at Clones Strand, about six miles south of Arklow. A local resident was returning to his home at approximately 2am,after a late stroll to the nearby village of Castletown, about half a mile inland.
As he looked out to sea, he observed two large bright orange objects flying north-westwards-towards Wicklow. Both objects were the colour of the setting sun, and cast reflections across the water. It was a clear night, and the witness kept the objects in view for a minute or more as they glided silently inland. The witness was not frightened by what he saw, just curious, though he was reluctant to speak to anyone about his experience until some months later, for fear of ridicule. Indeed, he declined a further follow up on this intriguing case by IUFOPRA, or to talk more about it after all these years. That, though, may not be too surprising when one bears in mind what happened to him the following summer. He was giving a lift, to some friends from Dublin, who were staying at the local caravan site, to the local pub. Their jokes some months earlier to the witness about "seeing little green men" were very quickly forgotten when, on a pitch-dark road, orange and white lights appeared behind the car. In a scene reminiscent of the "Close Encounters" movie, they slowed down to pull into the side of the road, to allow the other car to pass them. As the other vehicle was closing on them quickly, with blinding headlights full-on, they wished to avoid the possibility of what may have been a drunk driver tailgating them dangerously. As they manoeuvred the car to the side of the road, the "car" behind them overtook them- by lifting off and flying over their roof. The craft veered off to the right, again towards the Wicklow border a couple of miles away, and disappeared into the night sky. The car's engine did not stall, nor did its' electric's shut down. Suffice to say that, though the main witness does not drink, his passengers were only too glad to guzzle a stiff whiskey at the pub! Never again did they doubt the witness, who still seeks absolutely NO publicity over the incident..
The other case that comes to mind occurred in the summer of 1988 in the Glenmalure Valley area of the county-a heavily forested area and certainly remote enough to conceal UFO activities. The male witness and two friends, along with their wives and small children, were staying in the area for a long weekend. On the first night, having arrived quite late in the evening after working that day, and with the children tired out, everyone decided to retire for the night, apart from the witness and one of his friends, who decided to go for a walk and smoke a cigarette. Some distance down the road, both of them stopped dead in their tracks when they looked into a field beside the road. Between the distant lights of farmhouses and holiday caravans etc; they could make out a large, dark disc sitting in the field, quite close to the gate beside them. Both became terrified as lights began to flash all over the object, and they instinctively turned homeward and ran. Sleep was, understandably, very difficult to come by that night, and again ridicule greeted their story the following morning. That evening, however, several of the others joined them for an evening (still daylight) walk, past the same field. As they neared the field, they noticed a small figure in overalls at the top of a telephone pole, examining the apparatus carefully. Thinking it was an Eircom (Telecom) repair man; they passed him by without looking at him too closely, though they did notice his diminutive stature-a young apprentice, perhaps? Suddenly, they all stopped. Not only was it a bank holiday weekend, when it would be unusual to see such work being carried out unless of course it was a major emergency, but they were miles away from any Eircom office of depot - miles from anywhere really. So, where was his van? He hadn't any vehicle whatsoever. In that second or two of realization ,they all turned around, but he had vanished, and could not be seen either hiding or crossing the open field. One point of interest here is that this location is, like the landing incident on the Kildare farm, quite close to a military range, the Glen of Immal, which is about 6 miles to the west. Indeed the Kildare farm mentioned earlier is approximately the same distance further west from the military site. With UFO activity very often observed over or near military installations around the world, one wonders if this could be the case here.
So, Wicklow certainly does appear to have had its' fair share of UFO incidents. Apart from the above cases, other incidents have been reported to us over the years from that part of the country. One of the latest concerned UFOs being spotted over Blessington, several days in a row, in mid-March of 1997. The investigation into this case is still on going and we have good reason to believe that the witness IS reliable. Another recent witness statement to us concerned a sighting that occurred in the summer of 1996 in the Newtown Mount Kennedy area. The UFO described was an oval, electric blue light which darted about the nearby mountains, and triggered several people to 'phone a local radio station to tell of their sighting. An interesting witness form was returned to us by a housewife in the vicinity of Kilpeddar, just inland from the coastal town of Greystones, in March of 1993. Unfortunately, she could not supply us with an exact date or time for her sighting which, she claimed, lasted about twenty minutes altogether. This is unfortunate, as we were interested in checking possible military involvement in the events.
The witness, Mrs X was going to bed at 23.30 or so, when , looking towards the sea on what was a crystal clear starry night, she began observing lights moving along the surface of the water. As her home was on slightly elevated land, she and her husband could look out to sea, beyond the village of Kilcoole, and often watched the lights of ships and trawlers as they went about their trade. On this night as she watched, one of the lights began to rise from the water. Through her husband's binoculars, she could see that the object was a globe of coloured lights that were "beautiful to look at". Then, a separate white light came on, shining on the object. Behind this light she could discern the shape of a helicopter. The object continued to rise as the helicopter followed. All of a sudden the globe accelerated skyward, leaving the helicopter hovering. It soon turned, and flew inland. The area is popular for yachting and water sports, and with shipping always present, it is possible that a search and rescue helicopter was deployed by the military. That, however, in no way explains the object itself, which was described as very large indeed in comparison with the aircraft. The witness could not tell which type of helicopter was involved; it could have been of assistance if it could be determined for certain that an Irish Army Alouette, Dauphin, or Gazelle was involved, but in SAR operations,Royal Air Force helicopters are permitted to operate in and through Irish territorial airspace. A former IUFOPRA member submitted a sighting form in 1995, about a sighting he had when travelling into Bray, just inside the Wicklow border, on the DART (DUBLIN AREA RAPID TRANSPORT) train, in late February or early March of that year.Over the Bray Head peninsula he and his colleague spotted, low in the sky, a stationary, 'pinkish red,round object', about the size of a penny at arm's length.It looked like a small, glowing sun - a description that repeats itself with many UFOs in Ireland for some reason - and had disappeared by the time the train pulled into Bray railway station. The colour of the object could have been caused by the reflection of the setting sun, in the opposite side of the sky. As with the previously related incident, the Bray area is also a popular holiday spot, so the possibility of a distress flare springs to mind. However, the precise round shape of the object makes that less likely, as does the lack of emergency service activity during and after the event, with no rescues or false alarms being publicized. Also, the extreme stillness and lack of wind makes it unlikely that a weather balloon could have drifted away from the area by the time the witnesses reached the station. Finally, it's worth noting that the location of this object was four miles (or probably less,given the point of observation) from the point where Mrs W.....'s UFO came out of the water.


Most of IUFOPRAs reports from around Ireland have concerned people's encounters with ghostly phenomena; haunted buildings and locations, poltergeist activity, as well as experiences of all-too-real 'banshees', and so on. However, UFO sightings are very far from being unheard of. The following is a summary of UFO activity around Ireland, which has been compiled to indicate just how widespread these things are being seen, not just in or near population centres such as Dublin or Cork. Being two of the largest counties in the area, it may be a surprise to some that we have heard very little about UFO sightings from MAYO or GALWAY. However, the sparse population and remoteness of much of terrain should be borne in mind as a reasonable cause for this. That said, the May 1996 appearance of unidentified craft over Mayo's Knock Shrine did make it into printed media, via the 'Sunday World' newspaper. As mentioned earlier, however, no follow-up was carried out by their journalists, and, disappointingly, no photographs or video footage was forthcoming from eye witnesses - some of whom, having travelled considerable distances on pilgrimage, must surly have had their cameras with them? The most interesting event to have occurred in the last several years in Galway took place in mid-December 1991, and was deemed important enough to receive a half-page of coverage in the same paper. The report referred to a UFO that was seen by at least three people in the area of Abbeyknockmoy. Their observation lasted several minutes, and the object looked moon- shaped and was a glowing orange colour. It lit up several fields on what was a very dark night, and was totally silent. When it vanished, one witness said there was "a very definite wispy trail of smoke" left in its place, but all witnesses were very adamant that a flare was NOT to blame. After this report was published, IUFOPRA attempted to do some follow-up checks with those involved, but to date, none have replied to our queries. Moving further North, we have so far received no details of UFO activity in the SLIGO or LEITRIM areas, but we are hopeful of receiving some in the near future. For DONEGAL, though, in August of 1996 we received a brief written summary, from one of our Northern Ireland representatives who travelled to speak to a witness there, about their UFO sighting. The incident was actually witnessed by a husband and wife, and a group of children, while they were driving from the town of Gortahork. A silvery object was seen moving from west to east at a slow speed, before disappearing from view behind nearby woods. It had a red zig-zagged insignia of some kind, interspersed with blue lights, and made a humming sound. Despite the fact that Donegal borders Northern Ireland, the incident occurred on the opposite side of the county, a full thirty miles or more away from the border, and thus any kind of low-flying activity by the security forces in either jurisdiction. It also occurred over forty miles north of the nearest Irish military airbase at Finner Camp, near Ballyshannon, and the witnesses were absolutely positive that the craft they observed was not a conventional plane or helicopter. Beyond giving details in an interview, the witnesses did not wish to complete a questionnaire and were reluctant to comment further, wishing to remain anonymous. Of course, we must respect witnesses' wishes at all times, and will not at any time apply pressure of any kind whatsoever to coerce more from a witness than they are prepared to give. An eye witness' reticence to be too deeply involved in any attempted investigation of their experience not only demonstrates their concern about possible ridicule, but often displays the very profound fear they have of whatever it is they have seen in the first place.
The silver and red colours of the UFO in this Donegal case brings to mind a letter we received in August of 1994 from the southern county of Waterford, concerning an incident that had taken place as long ago as 1964 or so. The witness a Mrs C........., observed what she took to be an aeroplane, directly above the end of her back garden. Beyond her garden lay a football pitch, with a game in progress, and she thought this plane was coming low to have a quick glimpse at the game. However, she realized that, on closer inspection, no wings were visible and the craft was silent. She reasoned that the wings weren't visible because she was looking at the craft sideways on, and that the engine noise was being carried away by the wind. Then, though, she saw that this object was absolutely motionless. She called her husband out of the house to witness what she was seeing, and both of them watched it for a further two minutes before it turned around and accelerated away and out of sight. Both agreed that no windows or cockpit were visible, and that it looked just like a twelve-feet-long silver and red cigar. They immediately phoned the nearest weather station and airfield, who accused them of having 'hit the bottle!' Both were sober, it was a dry, sunny day, but unfortunately for them, neither the spectators nor the match officials or players had seen the object, to further corroborate their story. As yet,we have not come across any Irish cases of UFO interference with a car's mechanical or electrical workings, despite there being many instances reported from America, Britain, etc. However, a couple of reports have reached us from TIPPERARY concerning terrified motorists being 'buzzed' by unknown aerial craft. The first of these was related to us by a retired truck driver in 1997, though his experience occurred in the early 1960s. On the return journey to his depot in Dublin, he and his helper decided to stop at a public house in the area of Nenagh for refreshments. After one pint of beer each, with sandwiches, they resumed their journey eastwards along dark small roads.To their right, they noticed a light travelling alongside them behind the hedges, and, thinking that it was a car driving parallel to them, perhaps on a main road they slowed down,expecting a junction to loom up ahead of them. The junction never came however, as the light also slowed to their pace. They rolled down the window, in case they were looking at a reflection of the moon, but the light was still there,now very bright and behind the nearest hedge. They panicked, stepped up through the gears, and raced away as fast as they safely could...................all the while with the light pacing them. Eventually it decreased in size and disappeared, as though moving away from them. The incident terrified them both, and, all these years later, we have been the only people , apart from family and close friends, to whom he has agreed to tell his story, because of, yet again, fear of ridicule. The second case occurred more recently, in the summer of 1994, when a man and his niece were followed for several miles by three concentric rings of light, from Limerick Junction, through Tipperary Town as far as Bansha. When they stopped their car and got out, before Tipperary Town, the lights - blue and white in colour - stopped overhead. The object(s) were observed by a group of teenagers in the town, and no explanation could be offered to the witness when he later rang Dunsink Observatory in Dublin, who stated that they had received no simliar reports.This county, like Wicklow, has seem more UFO activity than most, though the explanation for this remains as obscure as ever. One other case of note has come our way from this county, though, because it also involves possible ongoing abduction/contact episodes, we are not at liberty to disclose further details - cerainly for the time being, anway. Neither can we disclose - under strict instruction from the witnesses involved -details of at least four other, similar cases, from the south coast, the Dublin Area, and from the central county of OFFALY. From one of this county's neighbours, WESTMEATH, we received a 1996 account of flashing lights moving slowly across the sky, on a cloudy but dry night, witnessed by an entire family for twenty minutes or more.Before we leave Tipperary, one final sighting from 1977, is worth looking at. The witness, Mr M......., who still resides in the county,told us how he noticed an unusual red light over Slievenamon Mountain while he was driving in the area. He stopped his car and got out to take a look. Thinking it was an aircraft at first, he soon noticed that it wasn't moving. Any thoughts he had about it being a flare quickly disappeared when, after several minutes, the light turned white and shot upwards into the low cloud cover.Soon afterwards it began to drizzle, so he restared his car and continued on his journey. At the time of his report to us, in late February 1992, he further stated that since moving permanently to the county in 1978, some months after his sighting, he has from time to time heard what sounds like distant thunder or explosions, which always sets dogs off barking. None of the local people could explain it to him, though they too had also been hearing the rumblings for years. He also told us that since his sighting he has on several occasions noticed distant lights in the sky that he could not explain, even though he is a keen skywatcher and is well acquainted with aircraft and astronomical light sources. However, he does not -quite rightly-call these 'UFOs' as such, as they could well have perfectly natural of manmade causes.


The 1977 incident at Slievenamon Mountain was not Mr M's fist UFO sighting, however. His first unusual experience occurred -with several named witnesses- in October of 1971 when he lived in the area of Clonsilla, Dublin. Though now but all swallowed up by the continual expansion of Dublin City, at the time Clonsilla was an outlying village. Returning from a football match about two miles away at Blanchardstown, on a cold and clear windless evening, he and four friends caught sight of a bright orange ball drifting slowly from west to east direction, towards the city. They watched it for five minutes, then, as it went out of sight, they ran to a local water tower and climbed up for a better look. From their high vantage point they could see the object continue to drift over the city in the distance. The location was on the path of a busy air corridor to and from Dublin Airport, and all the witnesses were well used to seeing various aircraft flying overhead, and either gaining or losing height as they approached or left the airport- and this object, which looked like the "size of a tennis ball" in front of them, was not like any aircraft they had ever seen. They were so positive that it wasn't a weather balloon because of its brightness and also because of its lack of wind to account for its motion; any slight breeze that momentarily blew was southerly, while the object flew at a right angle to this direction. Again in this case we see a description of the object as being somewhat similar to a small glowing sun. Whatever, though about this type of object been seen in ones or in small groups-such as the Clones Strand incident in Wexford- but what about incidents of these things being seen in large groups? One such report came our way from Dublin, from an elderly couple living in the Navan Road area, in the summer of 1989. Mrs D---- was resting in her bedroom, at about 10pm one evening in July. She looked out her bedroom window, over the city, and was perplexed to see, in the direction of the huge ESB (Electricity Supply Board) towers in Dublin Bay, a rising orange ball. Then a second. She called her husband, and both watched in amazement for about half an hour as more than ONE HUNDRED of these objects, normally in twos,emerged from a single, much larger object, and drifted towards the Clontarf district. As this incident was reported very quickly to us, we were able to check out balloon launches and aircraft movement in the area at the time in question, but all such queries drew a blank as regards an explanation. This incident remains very much open to this day, as no one else came forward to back the claims made, though we must stress here that both witnessess seemed absolutely genuine. Strange aerial activity over Clontarf was also in evidence in June of 1993.On Saturday the 26th, at approximately 22.40, the witness went out to his back garden to take in some summer chairs. As a keen astronomer, he looked to the western sky to observe the planet Jupiter. As he did so, he noticed a 'star'moving at an exceptionally high speed, crossing the sky in a southeast to northwest trajectory, and crossing the path of the planet's position. At first, he thought it was a satellite, but he had never seen a satellite move at such a fast speed. Any thoughts of the object being a manned spacecraft such as the Shuttle or the Mir station-which has regularly been seen over Ireland-were quickly dispelled by the fact that the 'star' suddenly executed a near-ninety degree turn upwards and disappeared towards space.This is not the typical behaviour of any natural or artifical space debris the WE know of! On the following Monday morning, Dublin ATC confirmed to the witness-an IUFOPRA member and a trained observer in a government job- that nothing odd had shown up or radar at the time, nor were any craft approraching or leaving the airport in that part of the sky. One of our researchers verified his phonecall and their response. The sighting lasted around 6 seconds, and the extraordinary speed and acrobatic agility displayed is certainly food for thought. The 'orange ball' appeared again at 22.30 on April 9th, 1992. This object was less clearly defined than many of the other situations, and was quite hazy in appearance. Some distance away, a similarily-sized light, whithish in colour, was also seen. Both lights, over eight to ten seconds, were seen to race towards each other, pass each other out, then vanish. Thinking that they may have been aircraft switching off landing lights, we checked with Dublin Airport but they had nothing on their logs that could explain such activity. This event occurred on a fairly clear night with several stars visible, and no noise was heard from the 'lights'. It happened over the Drumcondra/Griffith Ave area, and in February 1997, another unusual light was observed over this area, by a witness walking south from Whitehall throught Collins Avenue.The small point of light looked just like a high-flying aircraft or satellite, but it failed to reappear from behind a small patch of cloud. The witness could see no stars and crystal clear skies on either side of the cloud at all times, so the question simply doesn't arise about the cloud being moved by the wind, and thus keeping the light covered by 'moving along with it', as it were. Some reports made to IUFOPRA, though always interesting to read, cannot be evaluated any further-and certainly researched, or checked-out because of the unwillingness of witnesses to comment further or to fill in sighting forms, let alone agreeing to meet a researcher/investigator. However, one must bear in mind the effects that UFO (or other paranormal) experiences have on eye witnesses; frequently they wish to unburden themselves of their experience and are glad that they will at least be listened to in an open-minded manner, but do not wish to proceed any further. This, of course, does not entail that every single case is genuine and has some objective reality, but in the absence of publicity it is difficult to see a reason for hoaxing an incident; after all, as stated at the outset, we never reveal witnesses' identities in our publications, nor would hoaxers make as much as a penny out of us for their stories............ we can't AFFORD that! Some such cases have come our way, where the witnesses wish to proceed no further than sharing their experiences with us, involving alleged encounters with alien entities. The area of alien abduction or contact is obvioulsly a very personal one, and, as many of these entities tend to come back again and again, it is quite understandable that in these cases in particular, any witnesses cooperation whatsoever-no matter how little-is given only on VERY strict conditions of anonymity, as suggested earlier in this report. Therefore, though it would contravene our confidentiality policy to discuss any current happenings, in compiling the reports two old letters to us came to light concerning 'alien' episodes. Some basic details about these stories follow, for what they may be worth.IUFOPRA will ask the witnesses we are currently in touch with if we can possibly publish an outline of their experiences at some future time.The first of these two was sent to us in the early spring of 1994. The witness, a student living in the southwest of the city, claimed that he was taken on board a craft of some kind, where he saw what he described as a "translucent apparition" with golf ball-sized groups of multi- coloured lights floating inside it. Also, a "creature", which was humanoid, had large black eyes and a small slit for a nose. He also claimed that light emanatied from its mouth. The witness did not reveal his identity to us, but through a friend of his he gave a taped interview. Through this friend we forwarded the necessary forms but to date he has not chosen to respond. We filed this information away in our database, ever mindful of a hoax, but recently we have had reason to look at the case again, following a recent report from another part of the country about an encounter-in broad daylight- with what sounded like similiar beings.The second case was reported to a member of theIUFOPRA Committee in December, 1995. The 'contactee' did not wish to fill in forms or have his name stored on any record of his encounter. Several UFO sightings he had, while with witnesses, in the Dubber Cross area of northwest Dublin in 1981, ended with the landing of the craft behind his home, and a brief conversation with its occupants. Telepathetically, they invited him to board their craft, but he refused, NOT out of fear,but, as he told them verbally, it would "screw up his life too much" if he did. They nodded in understanding-and possible agreement-turned, and walked away, and they never returned. Only after these events did he develop an interest in UFOs, and he is now very interested in matters of astronomy, space travel, and advancing technology. The witness does not want his name divulged- ever- nor his current home area in the west of Ireland. This is uderstandable, as he is now in senior management in a large multinational company. What is particularly convincing about this case is that the 'aliens' were of the 'Angelic' of 'Nordic' type, though he did not use these words to describe them. Also, they didn't give him any earth- shattering warnings about the state of the planet, no spiritual enlightenment, and definitely NO Adamski-style tours of the solar system! Nothing at all. It is also worth noting that this is the only Irish situation that we have come across where the 'Nordics' have been involved, rather than the Greys. The Dubber Cross and Finglas area of Dublin has yielded other reports of various coloured lights, though most-if not all- of these incidents should be looked at while bearing in mind that Dublin Airport is quite close by. One witness however, provided us with two incidents which are not really explainable. The first occurred in Finglas West in 1978. At 2 am one morning and unable to sleep,he looked out of his bedroom window and watched as a light flew across the sky. This suddenly stopped, did a U- turn, and flew directly over his house. His second sighting occurred around 1986.He was saying goodnight to two friends at about 20:45 one evening, when he noticed a line of lights, similar to distant headlights, above the rooftops of the houses opposite to where he was standing, on his doorstep. Over the course of perhaps, 10 minutes, his friends slowly walked away, stopping ever few steps to turn around and chat to him some more. The witness noticed that any time they moved, so did the lights, in the same direction. Finally, the lights moved directly behind a dark cloud some distance away and never reappeared. Over the past several years,from about 1989 onwards, the 'Flying Triangle' has been very prominent in the UFO media.So what has been the situation in Ireland with regard to these craft? Though seen during the March 1993 'flap', sightings of these strange craft have been few and far between. At least, as far as reports to IUFOPRA are concerned.However, they are not totally unknown. January 1997 saw, it was claimed, the appearance of a huge triangle in Cork, though this was not reported directly to us. Also it that month, we received a letter from a young Dublin man who saw a a flashing sequence of lights in the sky, above cloud cover. His description was reminiscent of many FT reports. The lights he saw were accompanied by a low, pulsating dull noise. This occurred at 7am, as he was starting his car to drive home from work. Quite alarmed, he quickly drove to nearby Clondalkin, then switched on his car radio to hear the news headlines. He caught the end of an FM 104 story about odd lights having been seen in the sky around Dublin Airport earlier that morning. Tuning in an hour later to hear the report in full, he was surprised that the story was totally dropped. Though he pointed out to us that he could not clearly make out any 'craft' as such in this instance, he did tell us that as a schoolboy in 1985, he saw a wedge-shaped object hanging noiselessly in the sky some distance above the schoolyard. The Marino area of North central Dublin has also seen at least one triangular shaped oddity in its skies.This, though occurred many years before the current spate of sightings. At this time, the witness was a teenager, which puts the sighting sometime in the early 1970s. Playing football with some friends on Marino Green on a hot summer's day, they finally decided to stop playing and have a drink of water while listening to a pop station on their radio. As they all lay on the grass talking, the witness noticed a tiny, moon-coloured triangular object directly above them, which looked to be thousands of feet up. Between playing kickabout games of football and relaxing on the grass, they spent the entire afternoon in the same place, but in all this time the object did not move at all, nor did any contrails emanate from it at any time. Finally, as far as Dublin is concerned, in the northeastern area of Malahide, a witness saw what was quite a spectacle towards the end of 1995. Two circular craft flew in formation out over the sea in the general direction of the Isle of Man. Both had a bank of revolving lights towards their top, while underneath these he noticed two stationary lights towards the 'rim of the craft', and a flashing light in the centre. The sighting, witnessed by one other person, continued for several minutes, until the two craft accelerated away, followed-until outpaced, perhaps-by what he maintained were military aircraft, a helicopter and a jet (presumbably a Fouga).He told us he rang the Air Corps the following day to ask them what had happened but received only a curt denial that anything occurred in the area.This incident did not come to our attention until quite sometime afterwards, so it is difficult to support or dismiss the notion of military involvement. If there was such involvement one can understand the authorities' reluctance to impart information about our airspace being so easily violated. However, no red tape was evident when we were given access to military and Garda reports concerning their close hand sightings of UFOs on THE night of UFOs all over the British Isles, March 30/31 1993. This remarkable night will be dealt with after looking at some other cases from around the Republic, and the Northern Ireland situation. As with Dublin, one could be forgiven for thinking that, with Shannon Airport in the county, CLARE would have more tales of unknown aerial lights than most other counties. Thus far, this has not been the case. The most notable UFO sighting from there was reported to us in late November, 1993. In August of that year, on a clear moonlight night,a flight of three 'satellites' were seen following each other in a westerly direction. Though 'shooting stars were prevalent in the on the night in question, this explanation has been rejected by all of the eye witnesses involved, as the objects did not follow a straight trajectory, but took several abrupt turns while crossing the sky. In December 1992, a student had a frightening encounter with what he first thought to be a plane or a satellite. This event occurred at 5.40 in the morning while he was walking home from his girlfriend's house in WESTMEATH.The object grew in size very rapidly as it approached him. It then stopped dead and began rotating vertically. The terrified witness could make out a row of three lights along some kind of long craft. It suddenly shot away into the distance, as he ran home, panic-stricken. In late April or early May of 1991, a young Mongoghan man had a very unusual sighting. To the west of his home, in the direction of Fermanagh, he noticed a bright white light on the horizon. The light rose into the sky, then dropped out of sight. Two further white lights then rose from the horizon and dropped down again. He thought they were flares, but he then noticed that several 'rods' of light could be seen below the horizon. They were ornage-red in colour, similar to hot metal. They totalled "between 50 and 100", and all glided off in the direction of Monaghan town, though he finally lost sight of the lights behind a hill. Though the white lights may have been flares being used by security forces across the Fermanagh border in Northern Ireland, the red rods were very puzzling, not only as regards as to what they were, but where their destination was? From Monaghan we move to Northern Ireland, where most cases are, no doubt, reported to reseach groups based locally, such as N.I.E.L.A. which is run by IUFOPRA's Regional Officer for Northern Ireland, Denis Harper. Details of such incidents, though, have come to our attention over the last few years, thanks to IUFOPRA members living within Northern Ireland, and to data exchange which we maintain there with various individuals, etc. In September 1992, we received a letter from ANTRIM, from a man who had seen an unusual light in the sky back in 1977.Then, as a young teenager walking home from a disco, on a very clear night, he saw the light flying at an extremely high speed across the sky, making turns of almost ninety degrees in mid-flight. In the fifteen years between his experience and his letter to us, he was at a total loss to explain what he had seen. During the Christmas-New Year period of '92-'93 we received a summary of UFO reports in Northern Ireland from a former associate in Belfast. As related in the 'Media Reports' section, where lights in the sky are concerned, it's important to bear in mind that many aerial lights-and even unusually shaped objects-MAY be the result of military activity, helicopters or fixed-wing aircraft being seen at unusual angles and so on. Keeping this in mind, the following brief summary of various 'UFO' incidents have been chosen because they do appear to have a genuine unexplainable air about them. In the early 1980s-date unspecified-a witness from the northwest had two UFO encounters in the LIMAVADY area. The first was the sighting, allegedly, of a landed craft in a local quarry, though we did not receive any details of what, if anything, transpired. On a second occasion, he was tailed by a UFO while driving his car. He stopped, got out, and observed the object briefly. However, he became unnerved, restarted his car and sped away. On December the 16th, 1988, around midday, a very bright, slim disc with a blue-white light was observed twice, half an hour apart, hovering over the CRAIGAVON area. According to the report in our possession, Aldergrove Airport was contacted immediately but they said that no UFO reports had been received by them and that nothing was wrong. Of possible interest however, might be the fact that a British Army helicopter had come down near power lines in the Lurgan area, at the same time that the disc had been seen. This was confirmed, the report says, by a Northern Ireland Electricty spokesperson. A large UFO was also seen, and photographed, in the WARRENPOINT area, Carlingford Lough, in April 1990, and the pictures in the 'Sunday Life'. A photo of a UFO in the same area was printed in the then 'Evening Press'in Dublin. This could have depicted the very same craft, but the authenticity of the picture was called into question at the time.Unfortunately, the demise of the Dublin paper has meant that any originals can not now be assessed for analysis purposes. Moreover, the witness who supplied the original photos did not wish to assist in any further investigation, perhaps showing, yet again, how traumatic a UFO experience can be In early 1989 and late 1992, two men from the KINNEGAD area described very similiar experiences with unknown entities. One of the men had nightmares for about a month, and described how he often heard something tapping at his window late at night. One day while out for a walk he was startled to see some sort of 'energy being' floating about six feet above him. He did not wish to elaborate any further on his experiences, which certainly constituted a case that was very different to anything previously reported. His situation may have remained unique, had it not been for a very similiar occurrence almost four years later- and only a mile or so away. In this case, while drowsing in an armchair and listening to music, the witness awoke abruptly to see "something definately biological" hovering about two feet above him. Thinking he may have had something in his eye, he closed his eyes and rubbed them. However, the object was still visible in exactly the same place. After a short period, it vanished suddenly. Northern Ireland sightings also featured in the 'flap of March 1993' which will be dealt with shortly. For now, though, one further incident, which dates back to 1973, is worth mentioning. The account is included in the same summary we received from Belfast, and it tells of how an unidentified object landed in fields in the MALLUSK/DIVIS area. Mention is made of this incident and not just because landing incidents are very rare, but because the site of this landing was near a major Army communications base, which had a direct link with a similar US intelligence base in Yorkshire (Menwith Hill, we presume).


The night of March 30-31st, 1993, will remain long in the memory of many people in these islands. On that night, and, to a lesser extent, the following night, witnesses all over Ireland and Britain observed unusual, slow-moving lights in the sky. Without a doubt, many people had seen debris from a Russian satellite launch burn up high above the earth. Cosmos 2238 did indeed account for quite a number of sightings. Harder to understand, though, are the facts that the lights were seen heading in different directions at different times, and, more importantly, this space junk had the capability of somehow flying at very low altitude above electricity power lines. This fact was reported by two garda patrolmen who witnessed this spectacle from their squad car near Askeaton, Limerick. They observed a "large object in the sky with two lights, one at the front and the other at the back", which they first believed to be a Jumbo jet- except that it made no noise. Their sighting-and their being followed for some time by this thing-were officially logged by them soon afterwards back at their station.Both Officers' names and ranks are known to us at IUFOPRA,and we will continue to withold them in the interests of their privacy. Though it is our policy, at all times, to protect the witnesses'identities from the public gaze, the Dublin-based 'Evening Herald' did print their names in February 1996 in a piece they ran on "The Irish X-Files". Other witnesses in Limerick City, reported their sightings in similiar terms, as "a silent craft like a Jumbo jet gliding over rooftops, that looked like it was about to touch electricity pylons". In the April-May 1993 edition of 'Astromony and Space', an article was published which set out to clear up the mystery once and for all. The incident involving the garda officers was related, and its time was (accurately) put at 01:13 on March the 31st. However, the explanation for the direction these lights moved in is at odds with witness statements. Dr. TS Kelso, Assistant Professor of Space Operations at the U.S. Air Force Institute of Technology, narrowed down the possibilities of what the object(s) may have been. From NORAD data he calculated that only 438 objects were above the (Irish) horizon at 00:10 UT on March 31st. Only one was below 250 km in altitude at this time. As this object had a perigee- the closest point that a celestial body comes to the earth-of just 107km, it was inevitable that it would fall earthwards. This object was the carrier rocket body of Cosmos 2238, identified by Western military analysts as a spy satellite, despite Russian claims to the contrary, and launched from Baikonur Cosmosdrome on March 30th. It was expected to traverse Ireland between 01:06 and 01:12 local time, which fits in with many of the sightings, and in a northwest to southeast direction......... which very definitely does NOT fit in with some of them. One such sighting took place in Dunshaughlin, Co Meath, where a witness saw two lights flying close together and in silence. Both had a contrail behind them. They seemed to be very low in the sky but what was really odd was that they were going to the southWEST. This was at 01:15. Further discrepancies in their direction were observed in County Down, and also in England.
A criticism levelled at UFO reports has often been that ordinary civilians are not 'trained observers'. The fact that an ordinary person's eye witness testimony is quite acceptable in a criminal trial, but not in a UFO sighting account, speaks volumes about the failure of science and the mass media to think seriously, for even one moment, about UFOs being objectively real. This has been the case for countless years, but, hopefully, with the revelations that life of some sort may have existed-or may still exist-as close to us as Mars or Jupiter's moons, the same people who have spent years debunking UFOs, no matter what the weight of evidence says, will at least sit down and THINK. What sort of testimony, one wonders, IS acceptable? Who is a 'qualified' or 'trained' observer? Police and military personell, one would think. We have already heard of the incident involving the patrol car in Limerick. The Irish Air Corps graciously replied promptly to our queries, and sent us copies of interesting statements from a Captain who was on board a Dauphin helicopter en route from Baldonnel (Casement) Aerodrome, near Dublin, to Finner Camp in Donegal. He and his crew of five observed a light being "turned on" above them in their two o'clock position. During their observation, which lasted about two minutes, by using night vision equipment they could see contrails behind what was now two lights. Dubllin ATC was consulted, but they radioed back that no other aircraft was nearby. Dublin checked with Shannon ATC,who also had no radar contacts in the area, apart from the Dauphin. They had been receiving similar reports from people in Askeaton and Bantry. An Iona Airways flight crossing the Welch coast overheard the conversation between the helicopter and Dublin ATC, and said they had seen a fast aircraft formation, moving from north to South at Fl 200, though this could have been RAF traffic. We also received a second military report which was even more interesting, in that the sighting had occurred on March 28th.Two "bright white lights" were observed over Newcastle, Co Dublin, which approxminately 200ft behind them, travelling at around 200kts; and with a dark trail behind each object. A diagram was supplied by the witness also. Copies of these statements and diagrams in our 1994 'Final Report;UFO Wave over England and Ireland-March 30/31st 1993' and is available to purchase by writing to our Box office for price etc. In compiling that report, it was frustrating that ANSO (the Air Navigation Services Office) stated in their reply to us-also reproduced in the report-that they had "no records or reports" of UFO sightings at Shannon ATC Centre for the dates in question.This is despite the fact that the military had reported his sighting to them, they had received reports there from members of the public in the Irish southwest, and they had told national newspapers that they had received these reports from the public. Indeed, the 'Evening Press' of March 31st stated that the reports were being gathered at Shannon. It was quite understandable that the Irish Dept. of Defence fobbed off our query to them about military radar cover of the Republic and the possibility of 'Stealth' craft breaching national boundaries and security. However, having referred us to ANSO, then a part of Transport, Energy and Communications, we were disappointed that they in turn gave no information. This is despite ANSO being part of the Civil Service, funded by tax pounds. At least, though, we were successful in finding out about more sightings in Britain. Both PUFORG and DUFORO kindly forwarded details to us about sightings in England's south and Southwest, Wales, and, via a Ministry of Defence reply from Nick Pope at Air Staff 2A, also included in our report, further sightings in Yorkshire. In conclusion, despite the Cosmos 2238 explanation, other factors were undoubtedly involved. How else could space debris, travelling from NW to SE at, approximately, 01:15 or so,be seen heading due WEST at that time? Or due NORTH, off South Wales, a full hour earlier? Some speculation, certainly in Ireland, focused on a possible overflight of the American 'Aurora' spyplane, especially given the close proximity of RAF Macrihanish in Scotland. Even that, though, wouldn't explain the diversity in the times-and directions-of the sightings, especially over Wales and England. It seems entirely possibly that something else was in the air that memorable night besides the Russian craft. Much has been said about controversial footage of 'UFOs' taken from the shuttle while in orbit. Less publicized has been the monitoring by unidentified craft of Russian space launches (as well as military manoeuvers). If UFOs do indeed exist, wouldn't it be reasonable to assume they would watch the workings-or malfunctions-of our leading edge technology, ie, our space programmes? This concludes the IUFOPRA STATUS REPORT on the UFO phenomenon in Ireland. In studying, researching and investigating the area of UFOs, things have a tendency to move quickly! At the time this report was concluded, the newspapers carried details of a UFO which was seen over Co Louth by amateur astronomers observing the Hale-Bopp comet, and the intriguing news that life may have existed, or even still exist, on Callisto and Ganymede. Ridicule would probably have greeted anyone who, even a couple of years ago, dared suggest life might exist as close to ourselves as the vicinity of Jupiter. So, it is commonplace to be overtaken by events in this field! However, this report contains what we feel to be the most reliable accounts we've come across....so far. We are also including a new Sightings update section, which will briefly look at more recent reports which we have received since this original report was first compiled in 1997.
In the meantime, we hope that this Status Report is of some interest, especially to those who are new to the Irish UFO scene.
Finally, special thanks must go to the witnesses for sharing their experiences with us, upsetting though that can be. Also, thanks to those who shared and exchanged research information with us regarding the British sightings mentioned in the last section.......BOB Boyd of PUFORG, Doug Cooper of DUFORO, and Steve Gerrard of the Southampton UFO group.


On Tuesday, March 14th 2000, at 10.52pm the witness was listening to the radio at his home in Ballinteer, a suburb of Dublin, when he spotted a strange glow in the sky. "I saw a light -green glowing object, cylindrically shaped", he reported. "It passed over my house and paused momentarily. I was listening to my radio and it stopped. It took of at amazing speed over the mountains. There was no sound". The witness estimated that the UFO "a green cylinder about 40 feet (12 metres) long" and "flew at about 50 miles per hour (80km per hour)" and took off at the speed of a supersonic jet. Afterward, he added, "I rang up a local radio talk show and told them about it." The radio station was 104.4 FM in Dublin.
An Ulster man claims that his car was lifted off the ground by a UFO, and he experienced six hours of "missing time" as a result. On Thursday, March 23rd, 2000, the witness , employed at a factory in West Belfast, County Antrim, Northern Ireland, was on his way home from work, after a long and tiring shift, which lasted 24 hours, and was axious to get home to his wife and children and a few hours sleep. As he was on his way home, he pulled into a petrol station to fill the tank and noticed to his right a large light in the sky. At first he thought that maybe it was the moon. But on looking again, it didn't take the shape of the moon, but took the shape of an egg . The witness go on to say that he was amazed at what he was looking at, and his first thought was to go and get someone else to look at this thing..........But as the thought crossed his mind, something told him to get into the car and drive away from the filling station without paying for the petrol or anything!. As he drove away, the object followed him. He points out that he lives on the Falls Road in West Belfast, but that he found himself driving on the road towards Dublin - He didn't want to go to Dublin, he just wanted to get home to his wife and children. He couldn't understand why he was driving down this road. While driving he noticed the object again and it started to scare him very much indeed. So much so, in fact, that he began to scream. Without knowing why, he stopped the car on a hillside road that leads to a farming area northbound on the (motorway) M-3. The car, it seemed was lifting. He felt it but for some reason, he was not aware that it was. It was as though someone was messing with his brain, is how he describes this experience, and telling him what to think. All he can remember after this was driving on the Whiterock/Donegal Road and back to his house on the Falls Road. The witness said that it takes five minutes to get to his home from the filling station, but it was actually 2.30am before he reached his house. The witness lost about 6 hours of his life which he cannot account for and wants to know what is going on . This case is currently being investigated by Conor Mc Laughlin of the Belfast UFO Society. (UFO ROUNDUP thanks the witness and Conor Mc Laughlin). Source: UFO ROUNDUP, edited by Joseph Trainor - April 6, 2000 issue. Reprinted with permission).

On Saturday, August 21st, 1999, a witness, from Warrenpoint, Co Down, Northern Ireland, close to the border of the Irish Republic, observed an object at 5.15am . The object was described as almost bright green in colour, and "tear-drop " shaped, and was heading due south just above the cloud base. (It was misty at the time). The object moved very fast, and at first the witness thought it was a flare (as he lives beside the sea and a busy port) but then realised that it was travelling towards the mountains rather than up in the air. He observed the object in the sky for no more than 5 seconds and then it disappeared behind the Cooley Mountains. He also thought it may have been a shooting star or a meteor, but that does not explain the colour. Investigtion into this case is still ongoing, but presently considering three possible explanations as to what the object might have been: 1. A Balloon (Internally lit). 2. Wheather Phenomena or 3 A celstial event (as the witness suggested himself).

On November 3rd. 1998, a witness from the Glasnevin area of Dublin, contacted us with regard to a sighting he had on Monday August 10th, 1998. It was a beautiful summers' day, and he was driving his van over the hump- back bridge in the Cabra area of Dublin and made his way down the T- junction leading onto the Ballyboggan Road. As he turned right heading in the direction of the Finglas dual-carriageway, which runs parallel to the Tolka River he noticed a black object in the sky. At first he thought it might be a heron(a type of bird) or a crane (again a type of bird) and it grabbed his attention because he has a casual interest in nature, although he would not consider himself an expert. The object, (which at this the time the witness still thought it was a bird) moved from his view over the Tolka River and he then noticed two tips at the end of its wings.

All this happened within the space of a few seconds and the object moved parallel to his van, somtimes rising and then getting lower. It moved very gently and peacefully, almost like a balloon would move, making no sound and leaving no vapour trail. As he reached the dual carriageway in Finglas the object then moved towards the graveyard where it turned left and headed towards Finglas.

The witness turned up the Old Finglas Road and he still had it in view of his van, although nobody else appeared to be looking skyward. While attempting to keep the UFO in view he strained his neck as he was watching the road as well. He then lost sight of it as it passed over houses heading in an easterly direction. He then saw it again over Griffith Ave and it continued in an easterly direction. As he drove into a yard on Griffith Ave, one of his workmates came in and he asked him to look at the object in the sky. His mate was equally baffled as to what it was, as it did not resemble a bird of any description, but more like a wing or rather two wings with a bump in the middle of it. They watched it passed gently away in an easterly direction. He estimated that the object was about 12 to 14 feet long from tip to tip. He described the colour as a very 'matt black'. It did not shine in the morning sunlight. He workmate said that it turned horizontally and then vertically every couple of seconds, so as maybe to propel itself along.

When it went horizontal,the bump could be seen between the wing spans. He estimated that the object was about 100 to 120 feet high, occassionally going lower. As the witness mentioned earlier he thought that the object was a bird, however if it was it would have to flap its wings to keep airbourne and neither he nor his mate noticed any flapping at all, so the only conclusion that they could come to was that the object used the horizonatal to vertical positon, to propel itself.

On the day in question, there was no wind and it was a beautiful calm, morning. The witness ruled out both a kite and an aircraft, because it did not look like any conventional aircraft and a kite could not have stayed airbourne without any wind.

In 1984, the witness had a similar experience when he witnessed red glowing balls in a field near his home when he lived in the country. At the time, the area experienced several powercuts over that winter period. Years later he began to tell some of his workmates what he saw, and was amazed when they related similar experiences to him.

Investigation ongoing.

More updates to follow at a later date.


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