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Dear friends,

Welcome to the Charlotte Mason Study Loop. Your Moderators are Donna-Jean, Betsy, and Sheila. We believe that this group has many members who have a lot to contribute- so we are going to ask various ones to lead some topic discussions.

Here we are going to post anything that seems useful to the loop- study topic schedules, links, essays. All material on this site should be considered copyrighted, so please ask before you forward or publish it elsewhere. (though of course quoting in private posts is fine, just be sure to credit the author.) We have a CM FAQ at
The ABC's of Charlotte Mason .

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Send a blank email to . This information is repeated in the list Administrivia letter.

Charlotte Mason Study Loop
Guidelines and Information

This is a Christian, open-membership, topical loop. We are largely but not exclusively homeschool families. Our discussions are centered on Charlotte Mason philosophy, methods, applications, and suitable or adaptable curriculum. We are usually involved in an on-going book study as a topic guide, but conversations on other CM questions are welcomed. We are also a prayer loop - prayer requests are welcome; please let us know how it comes out! New resources and book reviews by members or your children, and interesting URLs are always welcome. An original rule-of-thumb is that all members of this list are encouraged to read the weekly lessons and post personal essays or discussion questions by Thursday. This is not meant to discourage 'gleaners'; only to encourage active participation. It often does make for a large volume, or long messages.

Please use brief quotes when replying, and keep the subject lines relevant to your content. Also, we ask that the "me-too", " meet me for lunch wearing a red carnation", " I'm praying", and other such personal messages be sent privately. These add unnecessarily to the length of the digests and the volume of messages. This is a private list, not a commercial venue, and many members pay by the minute or byte for each message.


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