My Life

This section is silly, funny, or amazing stuff that has happened in my life. This section my be small now, but it will grow. Oh yes, it will grow.

The Panties(TM)
Gather around one and all and know the story of The Panties(TM). A long time ago, in a place far, far away(okay so it was in school on friday, january 7th, 2000), a good friend of mine, named Evan, decided that everyone in The Morning Crew(TM) (a bunch of friends that I sit with in the morning before school), should get a gift for happy friday day. So, he went to the dollar store and bought multiple pairs of panties. On that fateful friday, he gave me some panties, and so the legend of The Panties(TM) was born.

And now I shall tell you a story of The Panties(TM). There's this one kid in The Morning Crew(TM) that I call Kid With a Bunch of Names (I neither know nor care to know his real name. As far as I'm concerned it is Kid With a Bunch of Names). He was being annoyed by some kid that I didn't know in a maner that I don't remember. So, I decided to intervene. I told Kid With a Bunch of Names, "Smite him. Use these." as I handed him The Panties(TM) (smiting involves hitting a person with The Panties(TM) three times, no more no less). He didn't know about The Panties(TM) so he was a bit surprised. He looked at The Panties(TM). Then he looked at me, then he repeated this process a couple of times. Then he said "I don't think so," as he handed them back to me. I then smiled at the thought of having broken the logical spirit of another human being.

That same day, I took The Panties(TM) out of my pocket and put them on the table in one of my classes. This class was digital arts (well I did this in all my classes for a while, but this was the only one that the teacher reacted in). The teacher there is an odd new teacher named Davoren (see evan's page for pics and other cool info about him). Me and Evan always give him a hard time. Anyways, back to the story, Davoren saw The Panties(TM) and I swear, he turned beet red. He covered his eyes and told me to put them away. I laughed and then complied.

Later (like a week or two later), my mother took The Panties(TM) and put them on. She loved them so much, she went to the dollar store to buy more. She told me that Evan had "Good taste in underwear". This broke me and made everyone laugh. On this day, the legend of The Panties(TM) ended. Or has it?

David and BiBo
Okay, this story is so amazing that even I don't believe it. Well, after school, we went to subway. Some kids yelled at us there, but that's not really important to the story. After subway, I started walking home with this one girl whose name I don't want to mangle by attempting to spell it, while everyone else crammed into a pickup truck and started to drive off. I was feeling hyper so I though "What the hell? Why don't I try to jump in back?" So I chased dow the truck while it was driving away (an amazing feat in itself) and I was just in arm's reach when the guy (Matt by name) driving decided to stop. I slammed into the truck, and shook the entire thing. Then I gripped on with the strength only adrenaline can give as he swerved in the parking lot trying to shake me off. I didn't move an inch and nothing short of flipping the truck over would shake me off. Eventually, he gave up and stopped the truck. I stepped back and noticed that there was a HUGE dent left from where I slammed into him. In fact, he can't get the tailgate open any more. Strangly enough, I was in no pain at the time. In fact I simply laughed a lot and skipped merrily on my way (the people at publix cried, but that too has nothing to do with the story). The next morning, I woke up and my chest hurt so much I couldn't breath. So I went to school and found Evan (the friendly neighborhood advil dealer) and said "Evan, advil now!" (He was among the people in the truck that I slammed into)He said "yes BiBo, you deserve advil. so he gave me a handful. I gulpped down about half of it right then and there, and stuffed the other half in my pocket. The rest I swallowed a dose at a time every 10 minutes or so. Well, needless to say, I got really numb, really fast. Advil makes you happy and hyper. The End.

As just about anyone who knows me can tell you, I am a big fan of meat. I am an almost total carnivore. I refuse to eat any vegetables, and most fruits. Of course my cholesterole must be in the guiness book of records for the highest level ever recorded, but I don't care, GIVE ME MEAT!!
Anyway, back to the story. I was walking to the lunch table when Evan (now officially the coolest person in the world) asked me if I wanted some pepperoni as he handed me a huge stick of pepperoni. I said something along the lines of "YES! I love you." and snatched the pepperoni from his hands and stuffed it in my pocket for later. The people around didn't notice me put it in my pocket because we as a whole are not one of the most observant groups in the world. Matt asked me "Did you eat that whole thing already?" I responded with "If I could swallow that whole, I would be a lot richer than I am now." Luggage boy said that it was one fo the coolest things that I have ever said, and now that I think about it, he was right. Anyway, for the rest of the day, I kept pulling it out of my pocket and offering a bite to whoever wanted one. Strangely enough, nobody did.
In my english class, I had to write an essay analyzing a poem that we were given. It was totally quiet, and I was having trouble thinking of what to write. So I pulled out my trusty hunk of pepperoni and took a big bite out of it. It make a loud, squishy sound and everyone stared at me, but I didn't care because it gave me inspiration for my writing.
After school, I went to luggage boy's house and eventually ate the rest of it while watching TV. It was a beautiful day.

UPDATE: When I got the results of my essay, I found out that I got the best grade that I have ever gotten for an essay in that class. All thanks to the pepperoni log.

Demon Dice
Okay, most people that know me, know that I am pretty open minded about things in general. I do however have one pet peeve: religious fanatics. You know the type, they go about preaching about God and Jesus our savior or something similar. Then they are completely convinced that you are Satan himself if you don't agree with them totally. Well, I had a run in with one in my law studies class.
I play roleplaying games. It is a big hobby of mine. Because of this, I usually carry around a bag of dice with me where ever I go. Ocassoinally I pull out the dice and play around with them when I have nothing better to do. One day, I pulled them out during my law studies class. The girl in front of me turned around to see what all the noise was about as I poured the dice out on my desk. As she saw the array of dice on my desk (some of which happened to be black and red) she got frightened and said "Are those your demon dice?" I looked at her thinking she was the stupidest person in the world (until of course I found out about Greg Jones, but that is a different story). She then began to poke at them with a piece of paper and askked what each individual one was for. I gave her a generic response for each one because I was not in the mood for thinking up a creative one at the time. While this was happening, her boyfriend was watching. He grabbed a few and started to play with them. She screamed in terror "Don't touch those! They are possessed!" He ignored her until he got bored with the dice and gave them back to me. I then put them away.
This scene continued for several weeks with nothing of interest to say until one day. She gave me the usual "demon dice" routine as I poured out the dice on my desk. Then, not 5 minutes later, she said that she wanted to make a voodoo doll so she could completely control her boyfriend. Sometimes I really have to wonder about you people...

Ice Cream Bars: Filled with Yummy Goodness or Threat to Society?

Okay, it is a Thursday. Thursdays mean philosophy club, after which we go to eat. Today was no different. Deb, Sarah, Charise, Wench, Pebio, Evan and I went to the usuall feeding plaza (we miss our home, Subway:( ). I got chinese and when I was done, I decided that I was thirsty and needed some lemonade. So, I walked over to the supermarket (a 5 second walk) and picked up a gallon of lemonade. Wench followed me because she seemed to have a craving for icecream. After much insisting that she was slowing me down, she finally picked out some ice cream bars (because she had no real way of actually eating ice cream other than he hands). So, after paying 3 bucks for a package of ice cream bars, we soon realized that there were too many for all of us to eat (Evan had left, silly him). So we decided to give the rest away.

Sounds like an easy task right? Well that's what the ice cream bar manufacturers would LIKE you to believe. Don't be drawn in by their lies. It is truly a nigh impossible task to accomplish.

I grabbed one and offered it to someone. That person refused. Then another refused. Then another. By this time, I made it my mission to get rid of the thing. So I ran out in the parking lot, stopping cars and begging people to take the bar. We even asked a UPS driver if he wanted it, but he refused. Okay, so MAYBE Woodmont (old timer central) is not the best area to be giving away ice cream bars (damn old health nuts), but man! Someone should have accepted. So I offered to many other people over the next 5 minutes when the UPS guy came back and said that he would take the bar. There was much rejoicing on our part, for we had found a nice home for the ice cream bar (though the UPS guy spent a good minute or two asking us if something was wrong with it or not, damn paranoid postal workers). The End.

Junkanoo/Goombay Punch

Okay, this one has REALLY annoyed me. I'm in the Bahamas, my place of birth. The biggest and best reason for being here is Junkanoo/Goombay Punch. These two sodas are identical in taste, but I think they are from different companies. Either way, it's not important because the soda is the best soda in the world. I would quickly sell my soul for a lifetime supply of the stuff (well, that is if I hadn't given it away to someone else already, but that's another story).

So, after I finish my supply (after a 2 weeks of being back, and getting the stuff), I go to the store to buy myself a case of the stuff (this usually lasts, maybe a week, if I ration it) but all I can find in the store is a single, beat up can that had obviously been sitting there for longer than I care to think about. I panic and head to another store, not even that. A third store, still zero. WHERE IS IT?! THEY CAN'T STOP SELLING IT?!? These places had cases and cases of Junkanoo Tingum, and Junkanoo Champaigne, but NO Junkanoo Punch, and NO Goombay Punch. I even tried to go to a soda distributer (big warehouse where all sodas go before they are sent to stores) but it was closed at the time. I'll have to try there again. I dunno if they are discontinuing Junkanoo Punch or what, but if they are, someone needs to be fired. In multiple painful ways. If this doesn't get fixed soon, we need to petition the pepsi-cola bottling company in Nassau, Bahamas to start selling it again. Heck, while we are at it we should tell them to export it as well. I wonder if I could order it to be delivered to my house?

UPDATE: I managed to find a case of Goombay Punch and smuggled it back with me to Florida. Yay! I went to the soda distributer while it was open and managed to get it. Though I forgot to ask why they didn't have any in stores. Oh well...

Electric Circuit Board

Well, huzzah for me I managed to get into college. Of the classes that I am taking, one of them is a general engineering class called Fundamentals of Engineering. This is supposed to show you a little bit of every field of engineering.

For one lab, we had to construct an electric circuit board thing that flashes and beeps. Once we did that, the TA handed out a bunch of extra resistors and told us to play around with them and see what we could get the board to do. After some experimentation I quickly found out how to tweak the sound that was emitted and before long managed to perfect the world's most annoying sound. Hearing this, the TA came up to me to see what I had done to create the epitome of cacophony and she blinked. Yes that's right, she blinked. I had bypassed several resistors and in a perfect world that hadn't spawned BiBo luck the circuit board should have fried. She explained this after much diagraming and confusion. Then she decided that there must be something that she was missing so she called over the professor who confirmed her conclusion. Then came some guy who had "been soldering since before solid food" and he came to the same conclusion with the same diagrams. Yes, I had completly baffled 3 electrical engineers with my BiBo luck. Huzzah for me.

After that, I left the thing on and took a walk across campus, ignoring the stares I got along the way. Eventually I got to the campus store and bought something. While I was waiting in line, all of the clerks were looking every which way and asking each other "What is that noise?" and "Where is it coming from?" while I tried my best not to crack a smile (and succeeded quit amirably I might add).
I then took a merry little walk to the bathroom. Inside was a single unlucky person at one of the urinals. I walked up next to him and pretended to ignore him as he peered at me, opened his mouth as if to say something, and then thought better of it. After this, I headed for home, confidant that I had had a great day.

Dunkin Donuts?

Okay, we had some time to kill so my girlfriend, her cousin and I went to Dunkin Donuts. My girlfriend and her cousin were totally dressed in black wearing black makeup and the people in Dunkin Donuts were totally not anything like that. They were all older than dirt and stared at us as we came in and during the whole time we were in there (us darn whipper snappers). That is not the thing I wanna talk about though. I go to Dunkin Donuts expecting I could, you know, maybe buy a donut, but NO! They didn't have ANY donuts! What the hell? NO! I do NOT want a damn bagel instead, and NO I do not want a damn bottle of poweraid. I want a frickin DONUT! So I ask the guy for a donut, and he says come back in an hour. An hour? Why the hell am I gonna wait an hour for one of the world's worst donuts? Go die now!

To Bitch or Not to Bitch, aw screw it, bitching it is

Due to circumstances beyond my control, it seems as though I am single once more. It's been a year and a half since this last happened, and I don't miss it a bit. Everyone seems to disappear, and that pleasant buzzing sensation in my head goes away. I don't even have anyone I feel comfortable talking to about it.

She says forget about me. I'm never coming back to you. She said she'd never leave me. She says people change. She said she never would. She says she's sparing me a great pain. I'm practically cripple with grief. She said lets be best friends. She says maybe we shouldn't hang out anymore. My head swims in it all but is quickly losing strength. How long until it drowns I wonder?

Doesn't she know that it is her that has protected me from myself for so long? Doesn't she care? I don't know. What I do know is when the happiness goes away, I am stuck alone with my thoughts. None should ever be forced into that. I had thought I'd never again have to listen to myself again. I guess I was wrong. I fear how long I can fight myself in such a weakened state, but then is there real reason to? Should I just let go?

I wake up with a longing for some warmth. A longing that I now know can never be satisfied ever again. My body spasms as it remembers the feelings it could once have but are now denied to it. Sometimes I cry out, half expecting that I'd be answered with a comforting hug or something. Bah, that'd never happen.

Heh, I once told myself I wouldn't bitch about stuff here. I guess I lied to myself. Well at least I'm not the only one doing that...

Apply Now, Supplies Are Limited

Alright, I bitched, I'm done with that. As fun as it was, it's not my thing. So moving on it is. I am now accepting applications for dates. Males need not apply.

You could be the next "BiBo's Girlfriend (TM)". Could you imagine the look on your friends' faces as you tell them, "I'm BiBo's Girlfriend (TM)." All you have to do is send me an e-mail with a little information about yourself, and preferably a picture attached (though it is completely optional). Oh and as much as I'd love to trek across the world and back searching for the perfect love, I don't exactly have the means, so please limit yourself to within about 20 miles of Coral Springs, Florida. So send in those letters, and maybe YOU could be the next BiBo's Girlfriend (TM).

UPDATE: Ladies, no more calls please. The position has been filled. Thank you for your responces

I Salute You Masked Highway Man

So, I'm driving down I-95 during rush hour (yeah I know I'm an idiot, bugger off), and I'm trying to get from the far left side, to the far right side so I can get on the off ramp. After a good 20 minutes of 5 mile per hour traffic, some guy, who had been behind me the whole time watching me trying to get in a lane but never getting through, decides (yes I know it's amazing) to do something nice. I will continue once the dramatic gasps are done............

Okay, back to the story. So the guy behind me shoves his truck in front of a car, causing the guy to stop short, almost hitting him. This left me all the room I could ever need to get into the lane (which he motioned me into). He then went back into his lane and continued on his merry way. That there is a cool guy, one quite worthy of a salute. Thank you Masked Highway Guy, I salute you.

We Go Nuts at Christmas Time

My dad is usually a cool guy. There's one thing about him that bothers me though. His temper. Okay usually, he doesn't get too mad about things, he might just nag for about a minute and then forget about it. Every so often though, he chooses to blow up.

When or why he chooses to blow up is anyone's guess, but when it happens, it makes me wish -I- was in a cave somewhere being hunted down by every army in the world.

Take today for example. Mom spent literally the entire day working on a christmas dinner that we could enjoy as a family (enjoying things as a family is very big to mom, it's like nothing is enjoyable if it isn't enjoyed as a family). Just as it is time to start dinner, dad asks who wants tortelini. Normally this is eaten in a soup broth thing, which I despise like hot soupy broth. So I say what I always say, that I'd like some without the broth, I'll fix it up how I like it. Normally this is not a problem, but for some reason it peeved him tons. He starts rowing like there's no tomorrow saying that he can't enjoy his meal if I'm eating mine differently. I ignore this and try to make my meal, an effort of maybe 5 seconds, and he takes the can from me saying that I could have had it made by now if I hadn't been goofing off with my games. Meanwhile I had just spent the majority of the day working on some video that I was not in the mood to do for dad because he had asked me too (in case you didn't know I have some nifty new film equipment that I wanted to use to work on a montage that I've been wanting to make, but that's another story). Total today I may have spent 30 minutes on games and my head was burnt. Anyone that's done film editing knows it's a pain in the ass to do, and takes forever. Especially if you didn't make the footage that needs to be edited. So anyway, back to the story. He decides to boycott dinner until I finish my meal and leave, and now I've finished my meal, and left, and he's still not eating. I have no idea what point he was trying to prove or why he was so mad, but hey at least he managed to make dinner the most depressing experience ever.

BiBo's Trip of DOOM!!!
I wake up uncustomarily early on a saturday to go to my first day of computer animation. I've no idea where I am supposed to be going, but hey, I have a map. I'll find it, and if I don't, there's always a gas station. So onwards I go on my trek.

After scouring commercial blvd for a while, I decide to stop at a gas station for directions while I fill up my tank. The lady inside was nice enough and gave me good directions. As I step out side, I am nearly crushed by a huge army truck. I only call it a truck because it didn't have enough weaponry to be considered a tank. So after some cursing with a few soldiers, I get in my car and I'm once again on my way.

I get to campus at about 8:15. Class starts at 8:30, so I have time to find the actual classroom, room 826. The elevator is out so I curse as I start storming up the stairs to the 8th floor. Unfortunately, the building stops at the 4th. Cursing once again I jump down to the bottom, and search for someone to direct me to class. After some conversing with a security officer, I find out that I am not on the right bloody campus. I bolt out to the car and reach in my pocket for my keys. Unfortunately they aren't in my pocket, they happen to be in the ignition. And of course lucky me I locked all the doors as well. I run back to the security guard and ask if he can break into my car. He has neither a slim jim nor a coat hanger he says. Go out to the street and flag down a cop he says. Okay off to flag down a cop. 30 minutes later, I am still copless, and the security guy comes out and tells me that cops aren't allowed to open cars anymore because of lawsuits. Call a tow truck company he says.

Rage boils my blood and I call up a tow truck company. After about an hour, a guy finally arrives and opens up the car. 35 dollars later, I'm on my way to the correct campus. I eventually manage to get roughly in the same area as campus, but it is still hidden somewhere. I ask various hobos walking the streets, even offering to buy 10 newspapers if they give me some good bloody directions, but none come. Through dumb luck I stumble into a parking garage that just happens to be the one I am supposed to be at, and with a brief victory dance, I stroll into class at about 11:30. Only 3 hours late. Yeay.

Recruiting from The Man

Okay, so I'm looking through my e-mail and amidst porn, ads for penis enlargements, and various chain letters and here I come across this jewel:

Dear Mario,
I found your resume' at
I am an associate with the 4th largest communications company in the US, Var Tec. After a recent merger with Excel Communications the group know exceeds $3 billion in annual revenues.
As we are expanding into local markets competing with Bell South, as well as we are expanding internationally both in Europe, Latin America, Mexico and the Carribbean, we are looking for people interesting in earning seroius money part time or full time with us. We can also arrange with the school to have credits given to an internship with us.
If you are interested I would like to meet you for an interview and a company presentation on Wednesday Feb 20,11.30 am or 7.00 pm in Fort Lauderdale.
If you are interested I will come back with exact directions.
I am looking forward to hear from you soon
Best regards
Lars Felth
Regional Director
Var Tec

Alright, let's ignore the fact that I've never heard of them before. You'd think that a company that "exceeds $3 billion in annual revenues" could afford to at least have a spell check. Heck they could probably hire someone that knows enough english that they don't have problems with silly things like tenses. That aside, you'd think that if they grab my name from a website (all printed text mind you), they would be able to use the right damn name!

Okay, so I ignored the bad start, hey everyone is allowed to make a mistake or 10 once in a while. I could try out a job that doesn't involve sticking my hand in a fryer. I sent this guy a response, and I will be sure to keep you guys updated.

When It Rains, It Pours...

Alrighty so last Wednesday I get home at about 11:30 at night and go off to bed cuz that's a fun thing to do at that time. I head on out the next day to go to work, walk out to my driveway, and what do I see? Nothing. I glance about before calling back into the house, "Um.... Mom? Where'd the car go?"

She hoots and hollars as we come to the realization that my car has been stolen. To make matters worse, my bookbag with all my books and notes, as well as my dice and my wallet with my credit card and driver's license, and school id, etc were all in the car. Car thieves evidently don't have the decency of throwing junk out the window that they can't particularly use.

So we call up the cops and I have to wait around for a while while he takes his sweet time getting here. We answer a few questions and basically know that we'll never see the car or anything in it ever again. So I head off to work 2 hours late, though I told them in advance that I would be for obvious reasons. Boss expects me to stay after for the time that I was late, which I can't because I have to go down to the DMV afterwards to get a new license. I leave when I'm normally supposed to leave, boss gets pissed and I end up at the DMV.

So I get to the DMV and sign a list with a total of maybe 5 people waiting for a service that takes at most 5 minutes. I ask the lady there how long I could expect to wait and she tells me 45 minutes to an hour. I blink at the short list and shrug as I sit down and wait. Then I wait a bit longer. 2 and a half hours later it's getting close to closing time. This whole time they call one person every hour or so. Now that they are getting close to closing time, people start shooting through the line like lightning. Where only 2 people had been seen previously, suddenly 20 people are being seen at once with efficiency such as the world has never known. So after 3 hours, I finally manage to emerge from the DMV victorious, license in hand.

I get home and mom is yelling at me about a speeding ticket that I got a month ago. I grumble and go to bed. The next morning mom wakes me at 7:30 in the morning, screaming bloody murder that the computer isn't working and that it HAS to be my fault, even though I haven't touched the thing. I go up and the computer has some oddball virus that disables windows' ability to run exe files, aka no programs work. Oh joy. No car. No computer. Mom's yelling at me. It's like I'm grounded for doing nothing.

Holy Crazy Boredom Batman!

I'm out of things to do so I'm just gonna talk about some random things. Well this weekend I'm supposed to finish my midterm project in my 3d computer animation class. We're supposed to do a 5 second animation in Maya. I've got the majority of it done, like the basic animation. No textures or lighting. I'm not sure if I am even gonna put them in. Well the textures anyway. No lighting and you see a black screen. That's no fun. Point is, expect to see my animation, ready for download in my Illustration section soon. Yeay for bouncy balls. I know it's not the greatest, but I've only been using Maya for like a month so :-P.

Still no word from the Var Tec guy. I don't expect it particularly, but on the good side, I found an internship at a news tv studio that looks cool. It's a 10 week summer thing, and I'd get $3,500 for it if I make it. I'll keep you updated on that one.

Finally, there's this one thing I saw when I was driving home the other day. There was one of those industrial strength wood chippers with a sign on it. The picture had a guy with his head lost somewhere in the machine, arms flailing, blood squirting everywhere. The caption read: Don't stick your head in the machine while it is on. That had to be the scarriest warning sign I have ever seen in my life. Not because of the graphic depiction of a guy having his head shredded into a million pieces, but because the fact that this warning sign exists means someone was stupid enough to actually stick his head in a wood chipper while it was in operation. Next thing you know, cars will come with a warning saying: Be sure to move head and fingers back BEFORE slamming the hood shut.

My Adventures in the Keys

I just got back from a trip to the keys. Why, you might ask, would such a cool guy as myself be heading to such a rotten hell hole tourist trap like the keys? Well, I had to do community service for the lower division honors program at school. Once a year, we go to a nursery in key west and offer ourselves for slave labor. This year, we were called upon to paint the entire building, inside and out.

I drove the 5 hours to get there and after a brief but delicious dinner of ribs and fries, I crashed in the 500-dollar-a-night hotel room that we were given. I am very glad I didn't have to pick up that bill. The night passed quite comfortably, and I rested well until about 5 in the morning when an automated message from the hotel thought it to be useful to inform me that there is a gym somewhere in the hotel, and that I should use it. Yes, there is nothing I would rather do at 5 in the morning than to pretend I'm a hamster and run on a treadmill. I suppress the urge to rip the phone out of the wall and smash it through the window, and I go back to sleep.

The next morning I wake up and after downing some donuts, I head off to the site. This is the first point I learned that we would be painting. Someone mentioned that they needed rakers to rake leaves in the back and I, always on the lookout for opportunities to slack off, volunteered. I spent about 5 minutes actually raking, and about 2 hours sitting around talking to the other people that were smart enough to see an opportunity to do nothing when they saw it. We watched a chicken cross a road several times, each time apparently only because it wished to get to the other side. We laughed at a car that was on cinder blocks. Then we laughed harder at a bulldowser that was on cinderblocks. Eventually however, we were found out and had to actually paint.

So I grabed a paintbrush and a can of paint and commenced painting for the Queen of Bad Taste. She told us what colors she wanted everything. Freakish colors. Colors that have names that you wish you'd never heard before. The end result being something like a koleidoscope on a bad acid trip.

After that I drove home, but I can't end this story without explaining exactly how bad people in the keys are at driving. First off, one of the kids from our group ended up totalling his car when he pulled out into traffic while disregarding it's existence. This of course is the driving skill of an idiot, but apparently this is something of a common practice amoung people of the keys. No less than 3 people did the same to me, causing me to almost smash into them. Did they look embarrased or motion appology for their stupidity? No, not at all. In fact they thought it was more appropriate to give me the finger. On the way home, there was a guy in a brown truck that stayed awfully close to me, honking if he was behind me, falling behind if he was in front of me, and always swerving. I hope he was drunk because no sober man should drive as badly as he did. Somehow I managed to avoid him for the 150 or so miles that he was trying to hit me and got home alive. Never again shall I go to the keys.


I know I know, I haven't put up the animations like I promised. Well here are a couple of playblasts (rough cut versions of the animations) for my midterm and final in computer animation:

My Midterm
My Final
My Final's addon

UPDATE: Sorry, angelfire is being a bastard and taking back the space they once gave me. Due to this, I can't keep these files up anymore. Sorry :(

I Like Chinese

I, being bored and hungry, went to a chinese restaurant with Mike and some girl named Carey. I didn't really know her, but she was cute enough, if a bit of a putz. So we all ate together. After an absolutely fascinating discussion with her about her having ADHD (in the middle of which she pulled out a cell phone and started playing games on it), the bill came.

The bill was 23 dollars and change, and unfortuneately we didn't really have change. We dropped 24 bucks on the table and left. Okay it was a bit of a jerk thing to do, to not leave a tip, but the guy chases us out of the store, screaming that we didn't pay our bill. Even though we DID in fact pay our bill. He wouldn't let us leave until we left a 5 buck tip.

Meanwhile, some drunk guy sat down near the store yelling at us that we were cheap fatasses that did nothing but eat. We were in a mildly annoyed mood and shot some insults back at him in hopes he'd pick a fight. He didn't even seem to hear us as he continued to spout off insults at us. All in all it was an odd night. It's a pity he was so annoying about the bill, I liked that waiter before then.

I Saw No Attles in Seattle

Howdy folks. As you may or may not know, I just got back from Seattle. I'm convinced that it is the battleground between heaven and hell. For one thing they have tons of gaming stores. This is good. They also have tons of Microsoft "campuses". This is bad. They have beautiful scenery. This is good. They have freakish weather. This is bad. One should not have to look out their window in the middle of June and see hail. Well technically one should not have to see hail EVER, but June is especially a bad time to be seeing hail. I got home safely though, no thanks to the lightning that came within inches of demolishing my plane. Oh well you live and you learn.

I Have Found Religion!!

I recently had the pleasure of watching Ghost World. A film that impressed me sufficiently that I promptly went to the nearest video store and purchased it. This has become my new object of worship.

This movie takes place at the end of the highschool career of our protagonists. Well, mostly protagonist as you soon will be referring to them as Enid and "that other blonde one". At this turning point of their lives, they must figure out what they are going to do with themselves in a world they despise. Watch it now damn you all!!!!

Your Brain is MINE Bitch

I was convinced to try out Anarchy Online. I figured hey, it's free for 7 days, why the heck not. So 2 hours later I find myself beginning my descent into oblivion.

I start at character creation with a dummy and absolutely no idea what I am getting into. Character creation is a joke, consisting of basically picking your race, profession and height. Once I get through the travesty that is character creation, I am beamed down to some trainie camp. I wander about a bit and realize that the game is full of the most unfriendly SOB's to ever play a video game. The most I could get out of anyone was a hello, leave me alone.

I decide to go out hunting alone since no one was in the mood to be helpful and I found myself getting my ass handed to me by everything and it's mother. I finally figured out the controls enough to level up a bit and found that being a higher level doesn't make you any less likely to get slaughtered. I played with my abilited and summoned something that looked like a reject from a tenticle rape hentai. After an hour of playing around with it, I finally figured out how to get it to do something and watched as it decimated my enemies.

I wandered out of the trainie camp and found myself in some big city. I soon lost myself in said big city. So lost in fact that I found it actually easier to start a new character from scratch and vow to never again explore said city without a guide of some sort.

Despite all signs that beg me to realize that it is a terrible game, I find myself still playing this game. I don't know what the hell it is. It's definately not the gameplay, or the friendliness of the player base. I'm beginning to have a suspicion that they have some strange subliminal messaging within the game to addict people and keep them bringing in cash.

Gah! Who Took the Toll Booth People?

I often find myself traveling large enough distances to warrant using the vast network of highways that stretch across the country. This usually involves making contact with toll booth operators. In general, they are the most apathetic people in existance. They don't seem to care about anything other than giving you your change as promptly as possible. Not that this is a bad thing. No one enjoys waiting in lines after all. This is just a norm that I have come to accept and this makes what I am about to say seem so bizarre.

On this particular stretch of highway, I had contact with no less than 3 toll booth operators. Each of these three people were the most polite and pleasant people I have had the pleasure to talk to. Needless to say this put me in high spirits. Yes I know, it's the little things in life that amuse me. You'd be surprised how far telling someone to have a nice day can go to make life just a tad less miserable. To toll booth operators everywhere I hope you have many nice days.

Parents Do the Darndest Things

Last night I went to watch my friend Lior's band play at a local night club. My father volunteered to accompany me and it seems the experience affected him greatly.

This morning I was watching television when out of the blue, in jumps my dad wearing nothing but a t-shirt and his underwear. He then proceeds to headbang and jump up and down. I swear, if I didn't know he was sane I would have called the police imeadiately. It was perhaps the most hilarious, yet somewhat terrifying thing that I have ever witnessed ANY parent do.

Back in the Day...

I just got Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance for the GBA. It's a fun game and I'd recomend it to anyone except for one thing. It is pathetically easy. The boss fights in this game were about as hard as killing an unarmed child. You hit them, they run away screaming into a corner where you then slaughter them at your own leisure. After beating it completely on the second day of me having it, I got to thinking.

What the hell happened to the old days of Nintendo when video games took skill and weeks of practice to beat? That was of course if they could be beaten at all. When exactly did game developers decide to dumb down the skill level necessary to master a game so much that the ability to see what you are doing is optional?

It would be one thing if they offered enough entertaining games that if you beat one on one day, you could buy another the next and be satisfied. Unfortunately this isn't the case. If you are lucky one in every 50 games is worth playing, only one in 10 of those is worth actually buying. If you are going to make such an unlimited supply of crap ass games, at least have the decency of charging crap ass prices.

It used to be that you could go to the bargain bin and grab some fun games for as low as 5 bucks each. Now I go to the bargain bin and you know what I see? House of the Dead Typing. Why the hell would I want to spend any money on a typing program? Why insult me by bastardizing House of the Dead so? You might as well punch me in the face, it's less painful.

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